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Why is Ethereum dropping in price? Has anything significant happened? What is the future of Ethereum? Let's discuss!


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For ETH, there are only two ways to make money: 1) HODL and grow with it; 2) buy when others feared

Hi Ivan.

WOW Really very good insights into Ethereum. It is amazing that you share your really well developed knowledge.

Can not wait to take your course when I am back home in May to become a Blockchain master.

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I agree on that, this ''correction'' is somehow good, I also think the tech it's undervalued but for what it can be, not for what it is right now.

Etherium has become a victim of the latest cryptocurrency price plunge after lost losing a fifth of its value in just a few hours. The price is now edging down towards $1,000 and could soon slip beneath. I think that the best option is to buy when no one does.

Think it goes deeper then that, Eth will recover no doubt, but the crypto community is starting to move on to phase 3 and possibly even phase 4 down the line. The concept was great, but it's been improved upon by EOS.

Etherium price is falling because the public lost interest in cryptocurrencies generally. -- All the prices are falling right now.-- However, this could change suddenly when a new fork will bring real technological advancement. Breakthrough is technical and psychological at the same time.

I'm happy to see your news, every plan from the news increases

Great post.

I think Ethereum is a great idea, but it was phase 2, this crypto space is moving QUICKLY. We started in phase 1 with bitcoin, moved to phase 2 after some time and now rapidly moved into phase 3 with the likes of EOS, IOTA amongst others. The market has gotten a lot of exposure and having a small transaction per second can't go ignored