Momentum ICO - Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty

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This is for companies that want to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.

The Idea

Momentum wants to allow companies to reward customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights while giving the consumer full control over their personal data.

Token Usage

MobileBridge Momentum Token is the token that powers the MobileBridge Momentum platform and ecosystem. Demand for the Momentum will be fuelled by the ever increasing demand for the token as transactions on the MobileBridge Platform continue to increase.

The Team

While you can browse them all on website its worth noting the core team has worked in/with companies such as WalMart, Tesco, Intel.
The advisors are from Amazix, Mastercard, Accenture and others.

Token Sales Event

  • Total Token supply 1,000,000,000
  • Tokens for sale 500,000,000
  • Token price €0.10 (~0.12 USD/CHF)
    The public sale of the MobileBridge Momentum Token is planned to start on the 26th of March 2018 and will last for 4 weeks or when the Hard Cap is reached.


This post is just an information. As always remember to do your own research before investing in anything.

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Interesting ICO idea. Thanks for the info...

A whole lot of industries are flooding into the crypto and blockchain space. I do hope they bring a huge chunk of their funds with them too lol

I hadn't heard of Momentum. Off down the rabbit holes I go. Thanks for providing the leaping off point!!!

This is first time i ever heard Momentum .

but really i liked this post. Any one here who wants to try as well confuse at same time like me

Nice post
Please help vote me

I just read ICO whitepapers bcz it give me knowledge and idea about what world is thinking.. Momentum is also come up with great idea...

This is good sound for the ICO opportunity.
Welcome for the new theme of cheap price of coins.

I see they are working with Walmart?? That would be pretty big. However, couldn’t any coin be used as a rewards system. I understand I may be over simplifying it. Is the intent to create a loyal customer following through different products. Well, then it becomes a big game of marketing, getting the ball rolling.

It's really very good that the company wants reward to best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.
It will help to boost customer attention. Motivational idea.
Thanks for sharing sir @kingscrown

your post really omportant of every steemians.because its always helped me alot of learning.thank u very much for ur good information of Momentum ICO - Revolutionising Marketing.i like your good video.thank u very much for your good post. @kingscrown

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This is an interesting and unique idea to come up with. I am looking forward and wishing the team best of luck and I am hopeful that this idea will make wonders because it is so unique.

@kingscrown this useful information/update, to this community. image

very nice post..
thanks for sharing..

The govern-cement wants the information on your customers. So, they demand your database. So, I would like a database that doesn't have any data in it.

And this is doable if you use something like cookies, or encrypted customer info in the emails. Thus, they have to send you their information (encoded) each time the wish to do business.

However, this fails because you have to ship them stuff. And to ship them stuff, you have to have their address. And, even if you don't have it, USPS still does.

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elated & wonderful!

This looks great! Solving real world problems.

Thanks for the info; I will document a little more. regards

interesante esta publicación allí te seguiré que buena publicación felicidades

Thank you for the useful info. This is a good heads up for those who want to get some of these coins at a cheap price.

Research never ends, thanks for sending me down the proverbial rabbit-hole.....again!!!

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Another good information.

Thank you for the headsup, have had a look and it seems to be a good project, will have to do some proper research, but certainly seems as though ICO's are starting to get a bit tighter with regards to proposed working ideas.

I have been through a few that have pretty much been rubbish and have lost some, but that was due to not doing proper research, I have since learnt what to look for and of course to do proper due diligence, that crazy wide-eyed approach I think has subsided and most people these days take their time and are very picky when it comes to investing in these ICO's which is a good thing.

I guess that is also the reason why the SEC in the last hearing decided to focus it'sattention on ICO's cant blame them though, but it is the responsibility of each individual to do their checks.

anyways, apologies I just rambled on there, This does look like a good opportunity, they do have some great people and working application idea, also good solid companies supporting them.

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Maybe someone here could give better advice.

You can also see this article for clarity:

Oh..great....this marketing strategy will attract thousands and millions of people and will enable this network to grow at a higher rate.

My question is, why can't these companies invest in Africa. It's hard to transact my own SBDs and they are charged highly with a monopoly local exchange company.

We need more exchange companies to grow and we are tired of the manual system of exchange .

What value does momentum add? I think there are already projects like BAT doing the same and already stablished

Your post are always awesome as mentioned info related to altcoins, ico and best reviews of altcoins. thanks mate


1 Billion token supply!!! it's not a small deal. lets hope for the best to them who wanna business with...

This looks like a really interesting ICO opportunity with great potential. I am definitely interested in seeing what this crypto can achieve. Thank you for informing the community. Fantastic post!

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thank you for sharing friends,@kingscrown hopefully this oroyek success always and forward, as expected many people @ jhoni very support it.

Interesting, educational and a brilliant idea. Love reading this post

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This one looks pretty good.

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