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RE: Momentum ICO - Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty

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Thank you for the headsup, have had a look and it seems to be a good project, will have to do some proper research, but certainly seems as though ICO's are starting to get a bit tighter with regards to proposed working ideas.

I have been through a few that have pretty much been rubbish and have lost some, but that was due to not doing proper research, I have since learnt what to look for and of course to do proper due diligence, that crazy wide-eyed approach I think has subsided and most people these days take their time and are very picky when it comes to investing in these ICO's which is a good thing.

I guess that is also the reason why the SEC in the last hearing decided to focus it'sattention on ICO's cant blame them though, but it is the responsibility of each individual to do their checks.

anyways, apologies I just rambled on there, This does look like a good opportunity, they do have some great people and working application idea, also good solid companies supporting them.


It is not good practice to ask people to vote for you, instead you should either write a good post, or make good comments relative to someones post, and they usually would give you an upvote. I will do an upvote on your comment, but this is not usually how it works.

Best of luck with your posting and comments.
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@michaeljn can u tell me is there any limit of givings up votes per day ???

I am not an expert, but I do think there is a limit with regards to monetary reward when upvoting, you can vote I think 10-20 times at 100% but then you have to wait for your vote to recharge, you will still be able to upvote but your vote would either be worth less or nothing. Also depends on your steem power etc.

Maybe someone here could give better advice.

You can also see this article for clarity: