Ethereum is getting ready to run!

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I just wanted to make a quick post about Ethereum. Earlier today Ethereum broke out of its resistance level! :)

Screenshot (399).png

Ethereum broke the pattern of lower lows when it moved higher than $755. This is a very strong indicator of a bottom. The higher high and break through resistance sets Ethereum up for a move back to $800!

Screenshot (400).png

It looks like the bull rally is ready to start again! There are no guarantees in cryptocurrency, but there is a great setup for a quick trade in Ethereum right now!

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I am long Ethereum and Steem


Interesting. Will be good to see what happens with it.

Thanks for reading! Only time will tell

this seems like a small run, and a way to make some money if you are day trading cryptos...
If however you are looking at longer term. Then ETH is a dead tech it can't scale the way it needs to. EOS when it launches in June will suck up all the VC money from ETH and many Dapp's will migrate from ETH to EOS.

But if you are just day trading this could be a good swing trade

Thanks for the message! I agree with you! I am very excited about EOS and am interested to see how the launch goes as well! I think that EOS has better technology and will take share from Ethereum as well, but I am just interested in the technical analysis and short term trades :)