Ethereum leads cryptocurrencies higher!

in #ethereum3 years ago

Last night Ethereum broke out! After several tests of the resistance level, Ethereum finally broke out of its week long consolidation!

Screenshot (389).png

Ethereum's breakout was confirmed when it spiked through $700 on high volume! The 10% move higher has sparked a rally in most other major cryptocurrencies.

Screenshot (390).png

Bitcoin just broke out of its long term consolidation after Ethereum paved the way. I expect this rally to spread through the rest of the market as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to move higher.

Screenshot (391).png

Screenshot (392).png

Ethereum and Bitcoin could rally all the way up to $880 and $11,300 respectively, so hop into your favorite coins and hang on for the ride! I would highly recommend taking this opportunity to buy your favorite coins (especially if they haven't broken out yet!).

Thanks for reading! :)

Disclosure: I am long Ethereum and Steem