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Hi! I’m Tony (@rasor) and I have some exciting news for you (and no I’m not pregnant!)… The guys at Shamcoin have given me 1,000,000 #Shamcoin ( #XSC) tokens to give away exclusively on #Steemit.


Shamcoin are a group of researchers and crypto enthusiasts who believe that crypto is the next biggest thing since the invention of internet, however like most during their journey they’ve witnessed a lot of investors getting duped out of their hard-earned money due to scam cryptos and ICOs.

They came together to gather inside information and unpublished reports about scam ICOs and cryptos well in advance, and expose it in the open.

Airdrop Details:


Rules for this giveaway are dead simple:

  1. You must upvote, follow me and resteem this post.
  2. Subscribe to the Shamcoin Reddit
  3. Then post your Ethereum public address below (as a comment) with the hashtag #shamcoin and your reddit username.
    e.g. 0x5B5BD819D1a6bE788BCd08df8DDbdFfaC3ba1f13 #shamcoin /u/rasor
  4. The first 100 accounts to comment with valid addresses will receive the airdrop. I will comment back once I have posted your tokens with the TX hash.

I will be covering the “gas” costs myself but please bear in mind that I must distribute these tokens manually from my the distribution wallet below, I'm the UK and work a 9to5 job.

Once the wallet below is empty, the giveaway is over. Although not necessary I'd appreciate you confirming you received the tokens too :)

SHAMCOIN are #Ethereum ERC20 Tokens
#Airdrop amount: 10,000 Shamcoins per person
Symbol: XSC
Contract address: 0x200f96afa416d6ad606e5f3953f287a7282b8551
Distribution address: 0x8d0353D09b003e377c4C3c545115d603cF2091F0

Want to earn another 100,000 tokens?

Post on Shamcoin’s subreddit (/r/shamcoin), or tweet them @shamcoin the names of Coins/ICOs which you want them to analyze. Their analysis model works by a combination of crowdsourced + machine learning techniques.

You can score bounties (anywhere up to 100k) for posting valid evidences!

Simply start by clicking on the reddit post corresponding to the crypto you are interested on to give details.

If you want to read up more about common techniques for detecting #ICO fraud – /sham-detector/





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0xbF7F8ba695d4B333aCfE52CEb02760cFeB2a0d75 #shamcoin /u/rrrmania

Please resteem the post

also you need to comment on my post, not the comments.

And upvote me, not the comments...

0x8D544fE683bdd685ECb7364c345634bA00e9B867 #shamcoin

Enjoy! I think they are looking at listing in exchanges in about 3-4 months


#shamcoin /u/Rossiar1337

resteem doesn´t work? Will sure do when it works!


my address used was from exchange. I notice you said it will be hard to retrieve the ETH. I don't see the deposit. Can you walk me through how I retrieve it?

thanks ahead of time if i do recieve any tokens. i like all the AI projects.
0xD7dF5d3e372543d0e15e0Ab3EcE7B6f4C3e361Dd #shamcoin/u/Buffmunchie

hey so that was my ether address for a kcash wallet. is that still gonna work?

Honestly don't know, I haven't ever used kcash... It's shows on etherscan:

ya i'll figure it out. dont know too much about ether. thanks

I'm online now, just follow the steps above and I'll process it straight away

0xedaBaBc2E91681454BC9B4f5527d8fD33B22207E #shamcoin /u/AdministrativeYard/

0x3F6d40acce3B2b63F0f8b0950813f454790a7700 #shamcoin /u/abbadmus

0xA019d27c16e88BcbF9838BAaD23f3DA0DD3F6950 #Shamcoin /u/Teebass001

(17/02/18) It's getting late, I'll pick up this again tomorrow so don't panic if you don't see any more TX's tonight.

Is every ethereum wallet compable with ERC20 and Shamcoin?

yes, but you may have trouble claiming them if the wallet is on an exchange.

My wallet is not on a exchange its on Freewallet. I have done the steps! Hav you tried to send?

you may need to add the contract address manually for the token; you should be able to see the tokens on etherscan already

Thanks. How do I do that?

Think you may have to wait until they are listed on the exchanges for them to show in freewallet (might need to speak to their support for more help)

0x6D3c00dBCA9d945A1492e2851e4689D2B2a196E0 #shamcoin /u/needleeye

It appears the transaction was dropped/replaced and not delivered correctly. Would you check? Thanks!

Works great. Thanks!

0xfe4fad5abc31c63312dcadca0feca864c7d566b6 #shamcoin /u/mix1009apps

#shamcoin /u/hasingh79

0xC8dB5fE55308fbdA49595D29F1935804f3ab6D4b #shamcoin /u/presidentslabber

am i supposed to use a specific wallet?

looks like the TX is slow tonight due to the ETH network being overloaded, bear with it they'll show

fa sho thanks for the giveaway by the way brother!

it says it was dropped

0x9649fFeC1e8098F7423D57e0FFCa849e4ce0e749 #shamcoin /u/xeroblood


0xbD44677bb88e9dF674ee1db1F7f06Bd324576072 #shamcoin/u/akbar212

upvote, follow, resteem to take part.

Unable to resteem this, so resteem and upvote your last post.
0x7CBB149e21095348AE5d62b59f5474545C7311C2 #shamcoin thsigit

Thanks, probably should do a "week 2" post of this; maybe one for tomorrow; however:

Thank you! Much respect.

#shamcoin /u/nadiva1988