ETHEREUM HELP: what do I do after the big crash????

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Should I buy?Sell? or hold?
Why has it not gone up yet?

So as you all know (probably) Ethereum crashed recently and drastically after the big hoax on 4Chan about the founder, Vitalik Buterin getting in a "fatal car crash" this caused Ethereum to go from to go from 320$USD to around 220$USD and 4 billion dollars were lost in market value. So my question is this should I wait it out and keep my Ethereum? I know it will eventually recover but this shows you the volatility of Ethereum and kind of scares me off seeing how a hoax on 4Chan would affect it that much. I also don't like the fact that the price can be that affected by the death of the founder, Bitcoin doesn't have that problem because no one knows who the founder is. So what are your opinions guys? Buy? Sell? or hold?



I would say Absolutely Hold, unless you want to lose your money?? The only way youre going to lose your money is if you sell, so that shouldn't even be an option. I mean, if you look at "why did you buy"? Did you buy just to sell off when the price drops? Or did you buy to wait for the price to go up so you can make some money? I think the answer is clear....just wait it out, its going to go back up.....the only question is when! Cryptocurrency is a super crazy volatile market, you have to be strong and patient going through the ups and downs. I personally bought more, best time to buy is when there's a sale going on!! Best of luck!!

Hold! Never sell in a crash

Do you think I should buy or is that too risky?

If you bought high and selling is what you are thinking then I would say consider long term.. my opinion though!

Depends how much you hold, if it's not much that you are not scared to lose. Then I'd say keep it and see what happens. But it's of course up to you to decide...

Buy, sell or hodl!? Flwd^^

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