The Cryptocurrency Community in a Nutshell

in #ethereum4 years ago (edited)

I’ve been part of the cryptocurrency community for a while, and noticed that it has all kinds of people involved now:

  • Day traders looking to make a quick buck

  • Long-time investors with good advice who everyone ignores

  • Scammers in the most blatant kind of way (sometimes related to #1)

  • New people asking why the market goes up and down sometimes

  • Crypto-miners from Asia/Europe showing off their $25k/month electric bill

  • Uber-nerds and academic types who actually read through the whole abstract/whitepaper (yes, every coin has one)

  • Crypto developers who now mistakenly believe they can predict the future

  • To the moon! / Oh I’m sad now

  • Libertarians, anarchists, and conspiracy theorists who believe that cryptocurrency will somehow destroy all banks and governments even though the blockchain is mainly used for tracking things

  • Curious moms

  • Dads who were once curious but crypto became their trigger for their mid-life crisis

  • I didn’t read the terms of service but I’m mad because you shut down my account!

  • Fans of Warren Buffett who did not heed his advice of not investing in things you don’t understand

  • People who claim they want to buy “Lambos” with all of their (potential) new money. Are they serious? You can never tell.

  • Old timers from the Bitcoin days back when the only way to get a coin was to mine it yourself, kids these days have it so easy (usually in their late-20s)

  • Kids who got rich from putting in their allowance into this computer thing that looked pretty cool (they have it so easy, don’t they)

  • HODL priests and preachers (God Bless)

All and all, I have no idea what’s going on at any given time but it’s a pretty festive place to say the least. I’ve learned a lot about how money works, either way, which has been very educational. (If you have any more ideas, let me know! I'll make some updates -- I think the diversity of the community is what really speaks to crypto's strengths.)