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RE: ETHUSD - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS September 30, 2017 - Current Price $304

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hahaha thanks. I think it's important that people realize the risks of trading and investing so what better way than to be brutally honest. I also think its essential individuals understand that following anyones advice in and of itself is a risk. The most important thing is recognizing that the chartist didn't make an individual pull the trigger.

In my experience, people tend to not "own" their trades as we call it in stocks.

I very much appreciate your comment!


No problem my friend! It's nice having this diverse community and interacting with people whose content I can identify with. I agree a lot of people don't own their trades like you've noted and tend to be influenced by hype and opinions and analysis done by others.

I got my education in the crazy world of penny stocks several years ago which was like learning to swim in shark-infested waters, quickly tired of it and then moved on to trading stocks, options, ETF's, etc. I haven't really messed with trading those lately as I have a 401k that I semi-actively manage and that's about it as far as traditional securities are concerned.

Cryptos are still sort of new to me but charts and technical analysis can be applied to any market that has a certain level of liquidity. You're one of the best that I've found here to follow in regards to technical analysis and charts. Keep up the good work! See ya around :)

Penny stocks is the school of hard knocks...went from up 9k to only up 3k on a reverse merger..not the buyout I was expecting..News flash..when you hit your target start easing your position..hold a small amount for the dream :)

Penny stocks is the school of hard knocks

Yes it is! I learned this the hard way as I watched a $4k profit shrink to less than $1K in a single day because I didn't take any profits after the penny stock spiked (and then dropped).

That's a good strategy is to take the majority of your gains off the table and then leave a little bit in case you really do find a unicorn of a trade (10-100 baggers).

absolutely! I love to play for free, on a 100 bagger take out your capital -- and maybe some profits!

I really appreciate that, thank you a lot. Im still working on the best way to deliver safe setups, which is why i have started offering crtical levels rather than 4 different trade ideas!

I've added you to my steemvoter list!

Hey thanks! I'm going to update mine this weekend and I'll add you as well. I just started using it about a week ago and I like it because it helps me support people who consistently create good content even when I don't have time to go through and manually vote on it.

Exactly why i like to use it :)

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