You need $5.5M to store 1GB data in Ethereum Blockchain :D

in #ethereum4 years ago (edited)


TaskGas RequiredCost (ETH)Cost (USD)Ops per ETHOps per USD
Add or subtract two integers30.000000090.0000265511111111.1137664.78343
Add or subtract two integers 1 million times30000000.0926.5511.111111110.03766478343
Multiply or divide two integers50.000000150.000044256666666.66722598.87006
Multiply or divide two integers 1 million times50000000.1544.256.6666666670.02259887006
Compare two integers30.000000090.0000265511111111.1137664.78343
Compare two integers 1 million times30000000.0926.5511.111111110.03766478343
Create a new contract320000.000960.28321041.6666673.531073446
Create 1 million new contracts320000000009602832000.0010416666670.000003531073446
Save a 256-bit word to storage200000.00060.1771666.6666675.649717514
Save 1 MB to storage (31250 256-bit words)62500000018.755531.250.053333333330.0001807909605
Save 1 GB to storage (1000 MB)6250000000001875055312500.000053333333330.0000001807909605
Send 1 transaction210000.000630.185851587.3015875.380683347
Send 1 million transactions210000000006301858500.0015873015870.000005380683347
Include 1 byte (non-zero) in transaction data680.000002040.0006018490196.07841661.681622
Include 1 MB in transaction data680000.002040.6018490.19607841.661681622
Include 1 GB in transaction data (1000 MB)680000002.04601.80.49019607840.001661681622



Wow. I am a bit short of the $5.5M today....maybe hit me up next week.

Followed you.

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