Gen-1 ChibiFighter Giveaway!

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Meet Kitty Slayer

A little while ago I promised to fuse a founder Chibi to make a Gen-1 Chibi to giveaway to my loyal followers. Well, ChibiFighters just launched and Kitty Slayer needs a home. ChibiFighters doesn't fully launch before May 12th, so this is an exclusive sneak peek for those who don't have a Founder Chibi. You have to do all the steps to enter this contest. I will validate all contest entries.

  1. Follow Us on Twitter (if your not already)
  2. Like and RT Our Tweet
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  4. Comment with what you like about EtherStocks and Upvote or Reddit Post Here
  5. Follow, Upovote and Resteem this post
  6. Comment this post with your Twitter Feed Link and your ETH address you want the Chibi sent to

Open world space games from the 90's meet the Blockchain CSC

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All done @brittuf
Twitter link:
Reddit username : va2099
eth address : 0x3F65413FcaCE594492F1DB66D92c90beb2728F46

entry approved thanks

Mr Contest! You rule.

Done it all!
My twitter: @ParanoiaLunatc
my Reddit: paranoidlunatic
my eth : 0x35e2268306aab43014da143f110431ec0140957a

thanks brittuf!

entry approved thanks
reddit : ElfenWick

entry approved thanks

twitter : @kimenyikevin5

entry approved thanks

all done sir... twitter link:

reddit name: zahidul0

eth address: 0x3E80A563E361e9f9Bf1651102Cd0ca5DC0FA0174

thanks entry approved

most welcome sir.... & thanks for approved..

twitter link:
reddit name: faizrasoolmirza
eth address: 0x5259777C87fA0F2c7F141085aF31586d7c029678

entry approved thanks

Al done ..
Twitter link :
Reddit user : prince121121
ETH : 0x2b715577dC55F2Cf2494BD658e0AD78E1869a858

Thanks entry approved


thanks entry approved

If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.


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All of us can have one?

all done sir

I will download reddit... Thanks

Wow! That's one cute chibi baby!

thanks for sharing this open world space game

Everything done.
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Reddit user: tangeraa

you missed step 6

Is it okay now?

Great ur work , I am appreciate you , good luck and all the best for you my dear friend @brittuf 👍👍😃

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Awesome thanks a lot you doing a really nice job.