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Play this Weekend

This weekend is a great time to start playing EtherStocks . We have the ChibiFighters launch which mean that ChibiFighters Stock will soar. That means you can come to the site and buy amount/fraction of ChibiFighters stock you like. If you act now you will gain dividends. I don't know when the ChibiFighters dev plans on unleasing the dividends bot, but you want to own shares before that happens...More info here

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is it similar with PoWH3D?

Etherstocks is better and safer

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Great contest post..I appreciate your funny
Thanks for sharing Valuable post.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I don't know when the ChibiFighters dev plans on unleasing the dividends bot, but you want to own shares before that happends.
It should be happens instead of happends.

I will do this work

The words that may have been said here are a very good thing for EtherStocks Net, many profitable everyone need to know how many beautiful releases have been planned but at least EtherStocks want to share it is very good

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Go Chibi. Thanks for leaving my intro post up in Reddit :)

we look after each other around here no matter what bro

I already granted my chibi stocks!!!

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i will Thank you !

oh! i missed the contest :(
How to see any one's post at the first time they post?

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