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Feeling Bullish on Chibi Fighters

The Chibi Fighters Discord is buzzing as the launch on Sunday/Monday comes closer. Note that this launch is for Founder Chibi Fighter holders only. The rest of you will have to wait until early May. So not too far way. I'll be fusing some Chibis to give away to my loyal followers, so make sure you follow me. You can also visit the Chibi Fighters Discord and ask questions . The lead dev is usually around daily. Keep an eye out on my posts, as we will be doing a Buy of the Weekend for Chibi Fighters Stock on EtherStocks and a little birdie told me the Chibi Fighters dev might be unleashing the Dividends Bot. Stay Tuned!

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ETH based based posse its own real beauty. In fact I got into kitties, fishbank, etheremon, ethergoo and you name a few. What I don't like, all this game comes to waste some gas. It need a fraction of ETH just to play. Besides thats money. What I am waiting is a game on top of steem blockchain that comes with zero transaction fee.

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