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Congratulations @philosophie you won my first Chibi Fighter Giveaway... Good Luck with Kitty Slayer Chibi may he win many battles for you!

Claim Your Territory has been pretty quiet lately as the Devs have been working on gamification. The Discovery Phase has ended and now its time to play. Today they just released territories. Already the market has responded and the floor has lifted. This is a great time for them to get things going. While in beta, you can claim 1 territory per location per day. Territories will yield gold and you can attack and capture enemy territory. Gold will eventually be a trad able ERC-20 token. The Dev has been great at listening to the community and trying to make a game that everyone wants to play. Grab a cheap location while they exist.

Re-Tweet for a Chibi

Let's give away another ChibiFighter. Here is your chance to win a Free Gen-1 ChibiFighter. If you own ChibiFighters Stock on EtherStocks, you will get 10 entries instead of 1! To Enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Like and RT My Tweet
  3. Follow, Upovote and Resteem this post
  4. Comment this post with your Twitter Feed Link. Add the comment "I own stock" if you have ChibiFighters Stock for you bonus entries.

I will give:
100% upvote to the first 5 entries
50% upvote to the next 10 entries
25% upvote to the next 20 entries
10% upvote to the last 40 entries

So get in early and get my MAX 100% Upvote!

Open world space games from the 90's meet the Blockchain

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All done @brittuf
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And so much thank you for this awesome giveaway !
Hope to win again

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Cant wait for your next contest

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your chibi game is so awesome and so interesting,,,
Kamen Rider Amazons Chibi All Finisher:::

Thanks for sharing,,
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You playing Crytocities?

Check the leaderboards, I'm :)

Nice project
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I appreciate your love and support to the community @brituff. Though am lost in the world of games but I sincerely wish you guys all the best.

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