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RE: Ethics Are What The Majority Invent in Order to Keep Themselves Enslaved

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Ironically, atheist and anarchist groups and movements do exactly the same thing to their followers, or their followers apply the movement's rules voluntarily to themselves, which boils down to the same thing.

That is why many on Steemit quote their favourite belief system's websites in moral discussions rather than think for themselves. New priests, same shit. Only very few "roll their own" morals as they go along in life.


Atheist/anarchist movement is a very strange thing indeed. Some call it that.....but it doesn't make sense.

Only very few "roll their own" morals as they go along in life.

And even then, you wouldn't know if they are living, their own morals ;)

No you wouldn't; even they themselves would have to be extremely introspective and very aware of external influences to know what came from within, what came from without, and what was faked just to get along with others.

Yes and you would also need to notice, that you're not doing thing's as rebelling, cause then you are just doing the opposite, and still not your own thingy
You are then lived by the idea of fighting the existing moral or model, and you make a moral or model out of the anti moral or model, which isn't your own either.
Spending your live proving that god does not exist and holding "crusades" so to not living your own live..... I think......complicated complicated lol

I have argued in the past that atheists who actively fight religion are actually also religious people, at least in their way of thinking. BTW the religious way of thinking is also found among fanatical adherents of economic and societal belief systems; they are believers rather than thinkers or scientists; not a critical or original thought about their creed among them, as they have found The One True Way.

The science is settled is such a sentence.

Hey thanks for the conversation. :)

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