Progressive Bar Owner In Austria Becomes A Racist

in #europe3 years ago (edited)

So we keep hearing about these triggered progressives, who attack anyone who speaks out against Muslim refugees - as racist white supremacists! I'll wager that this silly Austrian bar owner did just that!

Now that he has gotten a serious dossage of reality, however, his tune has changed!

Here he is becoming a full blown racist, openly engaging in discrimmination against the Muslim refugees, who have flooded to Europe:

Others said: “If you keep a very open admission policy, then the number of sexual harassments, pickpocketing and drug-related crime in the bar greatly increases. Especially, groups of young men from North Africa or South Asia always cause problems.”

Sadly for this progressive idiot, the situation in Europe is probably too late to save!

Europe has already become a Muslim shithole!

If only they had studied the Koran, and noted the violent hatred and bigotry being taught to Muslims, to hate and kill all other people! Yes, Islam is a toxic doctrine, which does not belong in Europe.

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