Black women who make themselves trees

in #everyone2 years ago

Even the smallest tree causes the greatest damage when it is cut from the roots. Timber!
You would not run up to a tree and hug it, because of its bark and the lacerations it would cause to your soft tissues.
Iyanla taught us black women who have been hurt through life add on layers of weight as buffers.
Stepping barefoot unto coral carelessly getting stabbed and bleeding, I never fingered them, searched around their ample bosom for nipples or slid bank cards down their Ass crack; because I did not want to add to their many problems.
Seems like everyone I met had a problem with their man, their male cousin, their half brother, their uncle, their father.
Starting with my own mother, I did not want to add myself to this list of degenerate men.
So I left them alone.