EVOS multilevel campaign ( my post II )

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Hello guys!
Get connected, the program of invitations is waiting for you!
Study in detail how it is, without any of my changes.
Here is the official information from the EVOS discord -
What is "Earn-by-Invite":gem: referral multilevel campaign?
Just invite new users and earn rewards:dollar: for users joined!

Level 1: You have invited Alex and he joined you will earn 1.75 EVOS:moneybag: ( ~0.55 USD).
Level 2: Then Alex have invited John and he joined - you will earn 0.45 EVOS more:moneybag: (~0.16 USD).
Level 3: After all John have invited Michael and he joined - you will earn 0.25 EVOS more:moneybag: (~0.08 USD).

The most important features of "Earn-by-Invite":gem: referral multilevel campaign:

---- EVOS-GateKeeper BOT counts your scores and sends payment automatically;
---- passive income - make successful inviters join by your link and earn while they work;
---- multilevel - you will earn when person invited by you invite someone else and further more;

Use tips EVOS !!!

Little advise for you:

---- Invite a couple of your friends who never joined EVOS to Level 2 and Level 3
---- Use the Level 3 link to earn as mush as 0.55+0.16+0.08=0.8 USD for 1 user joined and split the money among your friends.

See you) This is my invitation !!!)



Do not engage bots, robots, cyborgs and other active machines in this action!

----Join us!) We have a lot of interesting things for each of you! LOVE
All good mood and see you!

Did you find this guide useful ?, and if you think it's appropriate, I would be grateful if you took care of this post ... this can be useful for other steemit friends.)))



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