🔥 Are Great Profits On The STEEM Blockchain Achievable? Data Analysis On 01/16/2021 UTC. 🔥

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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user muffinhead has donated 4,100.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 657c594a71370c91c1813ed02fbf2b434f413d5b on 11/19/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user muffinhead has received from coin-doubler.

111/20/2020148.103 STEEMa6470a9b83e01a7dde4f93a3945e17aea63e8d22
211/21/2020132.237 STEEM717466d41b6a26f111f198328b514ffd0b28ab0e
311/22/2020141.407 STEEM922466fa6f677becbf2c066c790afaf8ab78bfdc
411/23/2020127.481 STEEM431ab121c34da21c51af99f8c7b1c9856cde38d3
511/24/2020133.577 STEEM7da9fd5c346f6afc0b54f2f3e3d80a2696184ebb
611/25/2020124.904 STEEM59a788b7ef89d0ad6b655b2c0299f8df8d75374c
711/26/2020131.029 STEEMbbddfe6cefc7995134157172aa84375e32be8290
811/27/2020157.765 STEEMc52bae922209a10ba13101b5dfa510b9766c23bf
911/28/2020155.240 STEEM6b69ef935d39a026b670d9de0c39984aaabd5307
1011/29/2020142.129 STEEMffc244e0127f68152ce90f013554df3f721ca99f
1111/30/2020134.156 STEEM2189c335865761d8740903f98988c16e5c6b8471
1212/01/2020153.861 STEEMdb4ab7d7ef46229bed10ed82d92debc17dfa63bf
1312/02/2020147.302 STEEMdd0e74072d2c11c004775c4ad2af31822e5796c2
1412/03/2020135.369 STEEM595d03ef54054d9b27d0354da7d0df6a3b5881ce
1512/04/2020133.444 STEEMc8e9425adf3523ab47decdb6ec6280e462728689
1612/05/2020152.040 STEEMb8a5eac43cb91d5612a7ba0b4310137aa6222273
1712/06/2020162.282 STEEMd9975ae6c0084f522e8f730ddabf954350c39608
1812/07/2020137.511 STEEM2efc726ac2cb737388a007e5753035daf156af28
1912/08/2020131.732 STEEM739ebfb8439e3b046a4c8b36f1c74221555c315c
2012/09/2020127.738 STEEMd77aab09bf3a0427b014344b6e6eb4245e2fee10
2112/10/2020159.815 STEEM339840175cdcde730ea3f9595cd92cf55bee3c65
2212/11/2020142.370 STEEM4260556d67ac3fa00de16ccc7fa3dd46d1b86f12
2312/12/2020148.608 STEEM30e7b4744334692b9fc2e14331633e726652e767
2412/13/2020135.864 STEEM42fa72de02c435f4eba9a21faa12ecb5d4e7c44d
2512/14/2020124.293 STEEM264746f7825b50fdcc3e13991c66965aaffdc7d5
2612/15/2020143.005 STEEMe7d591a69e556193be7c289e673b982c2eeea6b0
2712/16/2020134.404 STEEMe5ac76ba42d2f3f532b5dab4ac174de008fbbd52
2812/17/2020155.901 STEEM4333c43f0f6cf7a38e9de626283bde3594289c7c
2912/18/2020159.332 STEEMb47238cc72e6f25064ce1faec59045e19ac9ad12
3012/19/2020141.173 STEEM1a02dce94785a22aa38ffbab221c25f1a32aaa2f
3112/20/2020141.033 STEEM43db9db37bbfe224a16c92b4cfe61689b02061b9
3212/21/2020141.773 STEEM3070c18c2d94c16054a8335550e6f6a91394ccbc
3312/22/2020126.844 STEEM1271fcf5115cf1d1563f00e914c401e48fc9a2af
3412/23/2020124.377 STEEMcda9d4655ae2a41fce46a62146722563e4382378
3512/24/2020133.775 STEEM70431b2c4066e0d8de0feeb5c8976ca145b99270
3612/25/2020156.270 STEEMf055e324e2d2b5332f7b7d92d0c242c90b5bacd5
3712/26/2020142.204 STEEM483944a988dd223041338d1c6a536ac06a43de36
3812/27/2020145.866 STEEMb485082224e2d57ecfb831e48c6d261bfd1a1e05
3912/28/2020149.472 STEEM9db0dba032990abdef7f6619d1c8720b31ca9066
4012/29/2020139.773 STEEMa11c3bdb5081b4c330e2db8a0bb66883e84b6491
4112/30/2020151.064 STEEMab3369d86829bb77fb30d0996d93f2a95bfae6f6
4212/31/2020145.285 STEEM28bcc69f38e19f49f3617269226d7de22c8603a9
4301/01/2021143.431 STEEMb54cf54587842fd088bd41d5f553c7d567730559
4401/02/2021138.655 STEEM529ba98b60c8561a23ded90e09ade6548d3d76ef
4501/03/2021156.332 STEEMc7887a932c8285078139fd19bdd0bdeb08197a58
4601/04/2021152.753 STEEM9d8d1930f60b7e9ee090d88cf273b83503d41cd4
4701/05/2021150.040 STEEMae5736492d5180ae784c372a0e65bdb88325b81f
4801/06/2021141.198 STEEM92f7d6be3ff4bf585c612af11679b623a4854541
4901/07/2021143.895 STEEMee768ae3079b629e9da142f7ee72b584db8a137b
5001/08/2021128.019 STEEM6254c1ec6eab66ec8fcf0ce3ce6866fd8170db79
5101/09/2021156.835 STEEMbf1e9278a60edb316324d87735f387968427ce59
5201/10/2021152.224 STEEM95b58f1837e4f046f47a9d3bf2fb2e5cc1e5bc2c
5301/11/2021124.073 STEEM2e42792434164bc4fd5e36fcc04a43346a6d6622
5401/12/2021125.157 STEEMc727e090951c71c8f47b60fadf15a271a4533915
5501/13/2021126.655 STEEMdadc7035c4b90d26e4c9f88e6d86e1214e77bec0
5601/14/2021128.341 STEEM7f8c9df00bd75237703afef6934ac532f8a13ea6
5701/15/2021133.949 STEEMca0477af3670f01ad0634ab468f16f663260ad31
5801/16/2021146.635 STEEM4454a9d0bd5d96d258cd4a4e80b8a4cd31dbf71f

Total: 8,200.000 STEEM


The user muffinhead has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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