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RE: Swixxo Exchange Adds Steem. Rewarding Beta Testers Zero Fees and Oracle-D Incentives

in #exchange2 years ago

First time hearing about Swixxo, I will try to be among the better testers of this new exchange. Thanks for getting Steem listed, this will definitely make Steem great and become more valuable. Your works are amazing for this blockchain.

Have you heard of this news?
@jznsamuel @syedumair, @owner99, @donefezy, @khanza.aulia, @monajam


Wow I never 👂 before. Sound very interesting about free fee trading. I will visiting the exchange as soon. Thank You Sir @horpey for mentioned. 😀

This is so cool, thanks for the info @horpey, hopefully will try to check it out soon.

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