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Hello everyone, the warmest of welcome to you all, as you begin this sensational
journey inside the revealing of this noble project, what it entails, advantages and
services offered.

Cryptocurrency was fabricated in 2009 by an anonymous person referred to as Satoshi Nakamoto, from it’s humble beginnings in 2009 once only a few folks had interest and fewer folks used it, over the years, Cryptocurrency has clad to be not simply revolutionary, however additionally quite expensive with a presently marketcap of over $200,000,000,000 and this is often in an exceedingly time once the market is facing some problems and therefore the market has drastically reduced, The cryptocurrency market was once value over $800,000,000,000 in late 2017.

From a Solitary coin known as Bitcoin that was fabricated in 2009, the cryptocurrency name has grownup exponentially to incorporate over three,000 completely different currencies which list keeps growing, a lot of folks has gotten into the market and a lot of and a lot of folks don't seem to be creating use of it which list includes influencial folks round the world also.

But have you ever ever puzzled however Cryptocurrencies may be obtained?

Cryptocurrencies may be obtained in Cryptocurrency exchanges round the digital world known as the web, there square measure many Cryptocurrency exchanges living which list keeps growing as a result of it's a principally untapped market with immense potential, the potential for growth continues to be vast.

There square measure 2 sorts of Exchanges living, there's the Centralised and therefore the suburbanized Exchanges. Centralised Exchanges square measure simply what the name looks like, it's primarily Associate in Nursing exchange wherever all activities square measure centralised, mercantilism activities in centralised exchanges square measure controlled by a centralised influence Associate in Nursingd suburbanized Exchanges square measure actually peer-to-peer Exchanges wherever traders will build transactions directly with one another with the assistance of sensible contracts to function an written agreement. there's completely no centralised influence, each call is handled by the traders.

There square measure execs and cons of every of those sorts of Exchanges and each square measure equally necessary, some folks value more highly to trade centralised exchanges generally and alternative times, they like suburbanized exchanges for reasons best identified to them. This has created some traders to be shift between exchanges anytime they require to use a specific variety of exchange.

But i'm here with excellent news these days, as a merchant, what if I tell you that there's Associate in Nursing exchange wherever you are doing not need to move your funds anytime you're within the mood to change a method of as a result of it contains each a centralised and suburbanized exchange in precisely one platform? An exchange with terribly high quantifiability that might change seamless transactions in it’s suburbanized exchange and therefore the issue of restricted trade capability would be a factor of the past? Such a platform will exist and it’s name is AXNET.

What is AXNET?

AXNET may be a Revolutionary centralised and suburbanized exchange that's fabricated to tackle all problems Janus-faced by traders in existing Cryptocurrency exchanges. AXNET strategically positions itself to be a frontrunner within the Cryptocurrency exchange area by giving revolutionary solutions, With AXNET, traders don't need to move their funds from one exchange to a different as a result of they will notice each sorts of exchange in precisely one platform.

Features Of AXNET
• Centralised Exchange: the benefits of Centralised exchanges can't be overemphasized and therefore the brains behind AXNET is aware of this all right. Centralised exchanges tend to possess a better interface and is sometimes the sort of exchanges that individuals UN agency square measure new mercantilism continuously use. it's less volatile once it involves worth dynamical in contrast to suburbanized Exchanges wherever the value of any currency may be directly influenced by traders.

• suburbanized Exchange: The invention of Blockchain technology introduced a replacement Era of decentralization that had not been seen before it’s invention, suburbanized exchanges promotes namelessness and a really peer-to-peer exchange of Cryptocurrencies, In suburbanized exchanges, traders will sell on to one another with the utilization of sensible contracts as written agreement, AXNET additionally includes a suburbanized exchange.

• quantifiability: the problem of Scalability is one that's Janus-faced by most existing Cryptocurrency exchanges have low quantifiability however AXNET options aproprietary trade engine that's aimed to administer a high outturn user expertise in either a centralised or suburbanized mercantilism surroundings.

Security: AXNET options Bank Level SSL encoding to confirm that the funds of traders don't seem to be tampered with. this is often terribly essential as a result of Cryptocurrency exchanges has become prime targets to hackers in recent years due to the large quantity of funds that felt exchanges on a day to day.

• Cryptocurrency To edict Exchange: it's important that cryptocurrency is accessible from anyplace within the world and AXNET has created cryptocurrency even a lot of accessible my introducing the edict to crypto services in it’s exchange, users round the world would be ready to purchase Cryptocurrencies with edict, this is often terribly essential particularly for brand new users UN agency desires to achieve access to Cryptocurrency however don't have one cryptocurrency to exchange to the opposite.

• Mobile APP: it's important for traders to be ready to build trades on the go regardless of their location and AXNET is aware of this, this is often why they created a mobile application that may be put in in an exceedingly mobile device from seamless mercantilism on the go regardless of your location.

It is obvious that the team behind AXNET had place plenty of thought and energy into this project judgment by the number of innovation that the AXNET system would be introducing, starting from a centralised and suburbanized exchange in one platform to a awfully high quantifiability and security, this is often undoubtedly a project to seem out for.

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Centralised Exchange…

Better interface in exchange to security? I wouldn’t consider that revolutionary, @mrlong007. It can be usable at best, but I doubt it would last.

Thanks for the info.

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