I'm somehow not getting enough exercise and still tired AF every day.

in #exercise2 years ago

I've been working out a little bit in the garden almost every day, so I've been getting a bit of sun, enough to feel almost burned every day, but I still feel like I'm not getting enough of a workout, despite being quite sore in my legs right now. Leaning over and planting shit SUCKS.

Starting to get why so many opt for planter boxes.

I want to build some planter boxes myself, but in sort of shelves, to go vertical, possibly with lights for extra lighting to make up for any shade if necessary. Though I think it might actually not be necessary.

I still feel like I'm not getting enough exercise though. But we've been getting a heat wave for the last week, and a lot of my exercise equipment is on the back porch. Really not good to get out on the bike either in this heat, or this paranoia over Covid-19.

And no, riding a bike, meters away from anyone else, will not cause me or anyone else to be more susceptible to Covid-19, you dumb fucks.

Sorry, that was to all the people in charge that are seemingly stupid as all hell.

I've heard various stories of people getting stopped by the police and threatened with fines, for not wearing a mask, when the cops aren't wearing masks. You know what that's doing? Risking that person's safety due to your stupidity, when them being in a car isn't a risk to anyone.

I did hear some bullshit about lowering the risk or accidents or some shit the other day, and that's why they're doing curfews, but I reject that as an excuse outright. They didn't give a fuck about cars being dangerous as all hell for years, but suddenly they do? Maybe you should have built hospitals that could easily handle some level of occasional increase in influx, rather than always being at capacity.

But I digress. The monkey's are running the zoo.

I need to figure out some kind of way to work out my upper body easily enough, while already being worn out every day, so I can burn more calories and build up muscle. It's hard getting motivation when you're worn out though.

Maybe I'll look up some exercise videos on YouTube.

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