New Game Alert! EXODE [Pre-Sale Starts March 29th 3 PM UTC]

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EXODE is a space colonization game set in a fictional universe with in-game collectible assets living on the Hive blockchain.

From what I've been able to gather so far, players use their collected cards [NFT's] to assemble a Team that includes a ship, crew, robots, and supplies. Games can last days to weeks as they blast off to explore, colonize, and complete missions in what's been described as a massively multi player online game with some co-op elements.

It is 2325 and nearly all mankind was wiped out on a galactic scale. Players are space captains aboard faraway stations. They are tasked with an exceptional mission: to take some of the last survivors on their starships, to spread out, and to escape to unknown destinations. With the hope that some of them, at least, won't be found by aliens…

All in-game assets earned and collected from game play are owned assets that live in your wallet! and they're tradable on a market. This is the future of gaming!


Lead Developer: @elindos

Presale Opening at: Sunday 29th, 3 PM UTC

EXODE Teaser Video:

Pre-Sale Info

Alpha is made for early backers who want to play early and have access to collectible content which will be unavailable in Beta. They also get the highest values, the best offers, the priority tests and feedback. By joining early, you guarantee yourself a place in the testing room; as seen on the road map.

How to get starter packs and booster packs:

A limited number of alpha starter packs will be issued.

First presale on March 29th will have at least 50 % of all issued packs. This will guarantee more packs at 5 USD. (means more players!)

  • Presale March 29th. Entry packs at 5 USD.
  • Price increase April 12th. Entry packs at 8 USD.
  • Second price increase April 26th. Entry packs at 10+ USD.

Starter Packs vs Booster Packs; Starter packs have fixed cards, boosters have random cards! Starter "packs" hold several cards all related to a specific feature/theme/strategy.Boosters are more random cards, with total surprise, all 5 cards following a drop rate.

The Team at EXODE has emphasized that funds raised through the presale will allow for expanded game play features in addition to be able to grow the development team. Being able to raise funds through the pre-sale will also allow the project additional reach to people outside the current community.

Road Map

Here's a peak at the EXODE road map which can be found on the games Discord Server.

Key Milestones:

  • Pre-Sale Launch March 29, 2020
  • Market April 10, 2020.
  • Card Pack Price Increase April 12, 2020
  • Recruitment of Testers from Early Backer, April 2020
  • Final Alpha Pack Price Increase April 26, 2020
  • Playable Evacuation Scene April 30, 2020

Exclusive Alpha Cards

EXODE has been teasing game play elements and collectible game assets in their Discord, here's a look at a couple cards that will be exclusively available through Alpha packs:


A really cool feature of these cards is that they're dynamic, as some of them will continue to alter game play for the life of the card providing additional game play resources and assets for the card owner.

This feature known as "Lifetime Weekly" provides weekly drops with a chance at receiving rare or epic items.

For example the Syndicate:

  • 3 rolls per week, can give Epic Syndicate crew members.

They have the best hackers, and the best uzi-shooters, and Syndicate Ships. There's a chance you'll receive Kumicho - their legendary leader.

The Evacuation Scene

Last but not least there's been much talk about an early event known as the Evacuation Scene.

This scene has been described as an intense moment and atmosphere, a critical point in time where players are first able to assemble their ship, crew and resources and play their cards through evacuation actions.

As described by the Exode team:

  • The game opens doors for the Evacuation Scene by April 30th (in apx one month).
  • Play Evacuation Scene, once released, to acquire Specific Rewards which will not be available later!
  • Game will be complete by adding Colony Management features a few weeks later (see second part below).

Alright, that's it for now.

If you're on Discord feel free to join us in the Battlegames Discord and check out the EXODE Discord while you're at it.

-See you on the battlefield.

EXODE is preparing for their Alpha release, all game info is subject to change.


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