Erosion prevention on a mass scale in DaNang

in #expatliving2 months ago

DaNang has had a lot of troublesome issues this year. Not only has this part of Vietnam that depends very heavily on tourism not been able to get any tourists internationally because of Covid, but they have also been whallopped by multiple tropical storms this in 2020 and 2021 that the city prepared very well for as far as preventing wind damage was concerned, but there wasn't much they could do for the beach.

Because of the very strong and violent seas, a lot of the foliage and walkways were damaged an / or completely destroyed.

Now I am not a scientist but I do know that a lot of problems arise at beaches around the world when humans come along and remove too much of the palm and coconut trees that would otherwise naturally exist there in order to make way for buildings, footpaths, you name it but whatever reason these guys are cut down for can have a detrimental impact on the beach's ability to even remain there and the buildings that replaced the trees are going to have a bad time!


So yesterday when I went on a beach walk I noticed this, and it has only just happened over the past couple of days. Hundreds of trees have been planted in a very specific manner and I can say this because there were painted numbers on each of the trees and they are lined up accordingly.

Are these palm trees or coconut trees? I really don't have any idea. I'm gonna guess coconut trees since the ones on the other side of the footpath are coconut trees but who knows?

So from my very limited understanding of forestry is that if and when these trees "take" they will help to keep the soil / sand from washing away the next time a storm hits, which, for the sake of the people who paid for these trees I hope is a long way off. It would be a shame if they planted all of these only to have a storm ravage the coast and muck em all up immediately.


I think it will be quite lovely even if the plan to fight the erosion ends up not working. It will also help to soften the noise from the 4-6 lane busy street that you can see over to the right. Motorists in Vietnam LOVE to use their horns, so this can really destroy the peace on the beach. Maybe these trees will help to serve as a sound barrier of some sort as well, that would be nice.

I really appreciate the way that Vietnam or at least DaNang has handled this "downtime" from the Pandemic, they have been building or improving areas all over the city that have needed it for a long time but there was never a break in the "action" since this city has masses of tourists year round (normally) with the only exception being during rainy season... and you can't really build / plant a great deal when it is pouring rain all the time now, can you?

They have truly turned lemons into lemonade here and will likely emerge even better on the other side of this dark tunnel. Well done DaNang!