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RE: I leased 50,000 SP for 3,165 STEEM for 6 months.

in #exyle10 months ago

Dear @exyle

Why is it important to cancel manually lease before the time runs out? What would happened otherwise?

I believe we are still in a downtrend but I also know STEEM is nearing that territory where it can fly up.

Just out of curiousity. Any idea if STINC is still dumping large amount of steem on the market on regluar monthly basis?

I paid 3165 STEEM ($400) to get acces to 50k STEEMPOWER ($6250) for 6 months (Interest: 12,66%).

I "examined" number of accounts on and it seem that hardly anyone out there is able to get more than 2SP weekly in curation rewards per each 1k of SP.
That would mean, that with additional 50k SP you should be able to earn around 100 steem weekly.

Half year = 26 weeks x 100 steem = 2600 steem.

That would be in my opinion your expected return on this investment. Unfortunatelly dlease in my opinion is far from being profitable (in most cases). At the same time it surely will help community around you to grow faster.


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