A DDoS attack won't bring Steem down.

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When I wanted to access the Steem Blockchain through the Steemit.com website today I was greeted with this.

Screenshot 20190314 at 09.51.15.png

To make sure it wasn't any problem on the blockchain level I quickly checked other frontends to access the blockchain.

I checked the Partiko app on my phone to see if that would load. It did.

I then checked Steempeak.com to see if that worked and it did. (I'm using it right now to make this post).

And after a few seconds of research on Steempeak I found this post by Steemit Inc. about Steemit.com and the troubles they are having.

Intermittent outages due to ddos.

Well, that explained the 504 Gateway Time-out. A DDoS attack.

In 2016 this would have been a great deal for most users with Steemit.com being the only front-end to the blockchain.

Nowadays we have so many front-ends to access the blockchain I wish these DDoS people good luck getting them all down at the same time.

And even then, the underlying blockchain will just keep turning, making the data still accessible to anyone that knows how.

What a difference from Facebook that funnily enough also went down yesterday.

Screenshot 20190314 at 10.10.51.png

I only knew about it because Bianca (girlfriend) told me about it last night (I don't have facebook).

She could not 'talk' with her friends and that was it.

What a shame...no other frontends to access Facebook and no way for her to access her data.

Centralised Social Media vs Decentralised Social Media on a blockchain.

I sure know which one I prefer.

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I was happy that I could simply go into settings in Steemify and switch to busy from Steemit

Very Handy!

Thanks for explaining what's going on here - and with Facebook yesterday. I'm actually embarrassed to say I still use it - just to keep in touch with relatives overseas and hillwalking friends. I thought I'd been blocked from it, lol. And a great suggestion to use some of the other Steem apps.

I have both Facebook and Instagram. I didn't even realize they were down until I went on twitter and saw all the post. I was wondering what the heck is going on. I guess quite a few people was pretty upset lol.

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YEs ... I was see it also all morning :) ... And I was use esteem there all was work like swiss knife, so soon this problem repaired. I think this 3 years we have see many times this problems... but all problems are solved quickly and steem works very good.

This is amazing to be able to access from another frontend and be part of a resilient blockchain.

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Interesting that Facebook, Instagram and Steemit are under attack. No problem using Steem blockchain. It does highlight a major advantage that Steem has.

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No doubt! I have been dealing with issues from my end users off and on over the past 24 hours. It is nice to know that we can still access the things that are important to us :)

The attack starts this morning GMT +8 until today. Yesterday evening I still can access steemit but it's response is too slow. Lucky me, I had to many choices.

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When I read the title of your post I thought the main topic would be the FB issue of last night. Of which I was thinking, that wouldn't happen to steem :)

Funny coincidence though!

I think if anything it gave us ammo to prove there’s no getting us down hahaha

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The great part is that once it returns, it will be as if nothing happened as everything done elsewhere will be there! What an incredible show of the power of decentralization!

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Nowadays we have so many front-ends to access the blockchain I wish these DDoS people good luck getting them all down at the same time.

LOL... 🤣

I thought only i was facing this but steemit has lot of ways to access the blockchain : )

hahaha Perfect voorbeeld mijn inziens.. Whatsapp. Facebook en Instagram hadden issues en geen alternatieven. Hoeveel meer bewijs wil je dat blockchain en zijn/haar achterban al veel verder zijn dan de elite ;)

yeah it's actually nice to use other frontends, it's kinda like a good day to try new stuff, even thou i did type this comment from steemit! :)

For me Steemit.com is in and out (like they said). But trying out other frontends is always fun indeed!

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I thought just had an issue with Steemconnect, but it was actually my fault, one extra @ symbol!

You can try the keychain plugin instead. More and more frontends start to support it. Including steempeak and dtube.

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Thanks 🙏! I will check it out sounds like a good backup plan. Luckily it was my bad here I had an extra @ symbol! It was a long day!

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@exyle, Perfect example why every content creator and content consumer deserves to be on Steem Blockchain. We have multiple interfaces from where we can access and we can create as many we want that's the power of Decentralisation and Blockchain and i have strong feeling that in near future many will redirect towards the Steem Blockchain. Stay blessed brother.

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