Vlog 374: Current Steem prices will be fantastic long-term for the Steem Blockchain as distribution improves daily.

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I believe a strong middle class is the most beneficial for a society as a whole.

STEEM distribution has always been a bit of a tough point.

STEEM was mined completely at the start and all the STEEM was in the hands of a few.

These whales tried to distribute STEEM to Early Steemians that joined the platform Steemit.com via upvotes.

These upvotes were of course massive and earned some early Steemians tens of thousands of STEEM.

The early bird indeed catches the worm.

Sadly many decided not to keep this STEEM and distribute it further but sell it instead.

All of that dumped STEEM created the first downtrend all the way to 7 cents.

Of course by now these content creators have realised that earning STEEM nowadays is much much harder.

Something I don't think most realised when they sold it off so easy.

Some of these early generation Steemians are now not so active anymore or gone completely.

They were takers, not givers.

But the new generation Steemians that is on the platform today does understand better how hard it is to earn Steem.

Even though we have a downtrend they are still here. Working hard (instead of running for the exit).

I love to see this and it gives me full faith in this platform.

The Steem community today is therefor much more strong and solid than ever was before.

Yet, this generation was never able to acquire cheap STEEM through blogging or buying because it's a lot harder to earn now a days or too expensive to buy.

For most of them creating content was the only way to add to their SP holdings slowly.

But now a new opportunity has appeared.

With the return of the STEEM price to 40 cents it has become possible for a lot of the new generation to acquire some STEEM besides blogging.

I also believe they look at STEEM in a new light. Not only as a tool to reward but also as the main token in the future of Steem blockchain (SMT's, RC's).

It's also very cool to see that this time around there is not a sellers mindset on the platform but a buyers mindset.

You can see it in the power-ups that have gone up.

I believe when this period is over (I don't know how long it will last) we will have way more minnows, dolphins and orca's then ever before.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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The washout always has positives as those that remain will be resilient to whatever happens in the future. It also leads for some thinking on how we each position ourselves for that future. Whereas 10k SP was my ultimate goal months ago, I now feel that becoming an Orca is possible!

I agree the low price is good for Steem, the community is getting into the growth mind set. Let's do our best to make Steem better than ever!

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There are so many passionate Steemians buying up all this Steem at bargain bin prices. It will be much harder to sell these because now the supply is moving into stronger hands. I am getting so much genuine excitement seeing a middle class develop and having Steem's distribution issues being worked out.

I feel bad for the bitcoin maximalists now. At least gold is pretty to look at. These poor bitcoiners are just sitting there with their bitcoin bags doing nothing while were all having fun making videos and upvoting in a downtrend.

That's my hope too. STEEM moving into stronger hands that see the value much more clear this time around.

I agree that this is happening @exyle as I can see some other strong hands too.

I am just a small player but I am buying every month and plan to keep my Steem for the long-haul. Passive income is much more appealing to me than a one-time sellout.

I'm a Human and STEEM Maximalist and Bitcoin Minimalist!

I just don't like all the good projects depending on BTC and Strongly believe something good is gonna happen in the next few months and STEEM will become independent from BTC price!!

It's about time Steem unshackles itself from BTC, but for that to happen we need exchanges that will trade Steem direct. I buy my BTC from a trader that stocks between 200 and 400 BTC, so for smaller amounts I can usually get it within the hour without the Euro/dollar exchange. This is all he does, he lists no other coins besides Euro and BTC. Now if I could just get him to stock 50,000 Steem, things might start rolling a bit.

Have a good weekend Nathan, cheers!

Coinbase will list STEEM anytime soon and it'll be game changer for us !

I start being more active on Twitter so that I can make people who work at Coinbase know that they should do more to unshackles many projects from BTC!!!

Can't wait for a day where I can buy STEEM with coinbase!

You too, Have a wonderful weekend my friend :)

There's certainly a little post steemfest crew of us here in the UK who are in the 'dolphin range' who have been snaffling up several thousands of steem in the last week and getting pretty excited about it too.\n\nI've been wondering about how the price will effect distribution. It makes me wish I had the sql skills to find out (thats on the list). Still, someone will do the analysis at some point and best to wait 'til the dust settles. \n\nI think it might even be getting competitive (who can buy the most/ get the best deal)... but being British we don't talk about that of course! \n\nCongrats on yr top 100 position btw, I guess patience paid off there.

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I think @abh12345 and @taskmaster4450 both keeping an eye on those stats.

My metric is very basic.

I check Steemitboard ranking here = https://steemitboard.com/ranking/index.php?p=87&s=vests

I sort on Steempower and see we currently have +2191 dolphins or higher (5000+ sp).

Thanks for the link. I usually just rely on @arcange's daily updates, but that's useful.\n\nThat's a lot of dolphins. I became Dolphin no. 1790 (something around there) back in mid July. So an additional 400 since then is good progress given the fall in active users. \n\nI like abh's stuff as it's data lead. I find TM's posts a bit too speculative for my taste.\n\nMy fave analysts for keeping up to date with steem's progress have to be @miniature-tiger @crokkon and @paulag - I like data led posts, they're all great at that! Sure you know them.\n\nCheers!

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Well the people who were dumping it back in the day were also able to buy it for 7 cents back then again which is still a long way to go for us.

So the early or here better said timely bird caught the worm double.

I am a bit out of steemit politics but I always thought it is a good thing when people were fighting about the reward pool etc as it shows interest and people cared.
Have not seen this for a while now though.

The hashwars show us pretty good how concentrated wealth can be used and I hope as you the low prices attract more people to gain a bigger stake and with that more influence in the network.

Greetings, great exyle

I think your idea is excellent. However, I am very afraid of this decline that happened in bitcoin and in the other altcoins to have been "forever" and the price will never return to "good levels". I hope I am very much mistaken. What do you think about this???

Thank you and good evening!

Yes it's hard to earn, the more people come here, the less we can get steem $ ... But this how it works, if we want steem start go lot up .

great like ever

what a time to be alive :)

you are so right about the buyers mindset. as much as i tried to dollar cost average even when steem was 2-3 bucks...it’s too good now not to dive in just a little bit more.

great video man. and i hope the people that complain about high steem prices in the future see this now and take action.

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Much of what u are saying i have said for a long long time. We have a massive chance now to change the distribution and grow and amazing amount of dolphins and orcas, the more of these we have in the next upwave the more we will be able to address the expectations gap\n\nYou might be interested in checking out the redfish power up league on my account and the minnow power up league on our witness account @steemcommunity. Members powered up over 15k sp last week. \n\nPosted using Partiko Android

I still think Steem should focus on being the base layer for content creation, that could be text, audio, video...

IMHO, EOS will be the blockchain for gaming. Have you seen the amount of money that is coming to EOS?

I think one of the focuses a.t.m is on building a platform that can build and empower communities. Gaming seems perfectly suited for that imho.

I have to admit, I had the wrong impression of what steemit platform was and now after some time away and coming back, I see much more value and potential. Thank you so much for you post.

Mark @exyle I like yourself have never Powered Down since I have been here. I feel just like you do that there are so many positives that will come out of this STEEM price being where it is...............What Me Worry ??

i'm here for the long term! :)

You and me both, man!

i've got too many things i wanna build here, that's one reason i wanna stay around! :)

Me too!
I'm much comfortable in not being rewarded in short term and I believe in myself and STEEM!



Well said. I think the people that see the value in steem will be rewarded when combined with patience. It's not an overnight thing, but if you see how this blockchain is growing than moving forward is inevitable.

I enjoyed your video - very informative. i just bought my first Steem with fiat today. Everything else I have has come from rewards, but at these prices I should be adding a few where I can. I'm the Scottish guy that shared the lift with you up from the salt mines. Now that was a ride!

its always not too late to join in the fun steemit will get better with time

I 💛💛💛💛 Steem . I am happy now Steem is dowm. bcz i know its 🖐️ BooM !

We don't know how long it will last, but am sure Steem is here to stay for good.
Together we keep Steeming

Yes definitely steemit is getting harder day by day. But for me to earn steem is not a big deal you just need to know that how can you showcase your talent but for that we should have some kind of talent. But to invest on Steem is a big deal :)

I agree fully. Steemit needs a strong middle class to maintain the growth of everyone around them. Powering up at every opportunity is the only way to get ahead before the madness of 2019. It is going to be an epic year for everyone involved in crypto.

Agree... it is indeed a slight shift in mindset where buying is now more possible for a lot of us. I'm in this for the long run as well but sad to say, I see man people leaving Steemit because of this disheartening rate. I hope they realized and come back soon!

I agree when you mention the middle class, it is "disapearing in the real world" and we are seeing problems and crisis that were not expected and even worst, without middle class the economy feels rusty.
So it is very important that we build one for ourselfs, and this prices will definitelly help with that.

Yesterday, @taskmaster4450 posted this, and I couldn't have said any better...

Agreed, I am taking this low price in the exact way you described: « An opportunity ».
Even with Steem prices losing up top 60% in 1 month, people are still using Steemit and its dapps and number of posts did not go down !
Great news for the ecosystem.
The virus is spreading !

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Yes today ste price is good.

Steem price down by the look of this thumbnail. ;)

Today I withdrew $1k from my PayPal account for the sole purpose of buying some Steem. It will take at least a week to get it from PayPal to crypto though, I hope prices haven't spiked by then.

wow you're video makes me want to buy steem. refreshing in this time of the widespread crypto bearishness.

Yep long term in my opinion is the only way forward. This website wasn’t created for just existing for a few years, the steemians want this website to exist for years to come.

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Even though the start of the Steem was shady at best, it as transformed into something completely new. Not without problems of course but full of future potential with SMT's. It's already happening in front of our eyes with @actifit and @partiko and many more which reward users and investors. I'm very excited at 95% discounted prices of Steem at the moment.

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I believe on what you said Sir.

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This is also a great period for content creation, I like it that I'm rewarded with more STEEM and SP, which is actually helping me accumulate tokens and power, so that in the next bull run, I will have a stronger position. Also, a lot of new platforms are being created on the STEEM blockchain, which will further increase adoption and utilization, and as you fairly pointed out, it has an utility, compared to other coins which only makes sense to hold and look at them and cry, in these downtrends.

Wow, I really wish I had been around when you could mine Steem, that would have been awesome. Even the early days when you were able to get big upvotes on your posts would have been nice too. Like you said, it is really hard these days to get the upvotes. I am finding a lot of times it is more important who you know than what you know. You can post a great post, but if you aren't catching the right people's eye, you are probably not going to get much for it.