For the 50th Time, I'm gaining even more Faith in Steemit...

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This morning I was playing around with communities on the Beta site some more.

I've come to the conclusion that everything you know about will change completely.

When communities (and later SMT's) are out the experience we had for the last 3-4 years will be gone forever.

And it will never come back because something better will take its place.

It's gonna be awesome and surprise a lot of ppl and the STEEM token will be king of all of it.

And for me, as an investor that has everything to do with RC's that my Steempower provides.

This is what my BBQ & Beer Community looks like.

Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 12.32.09.png

Anyone will be able to set up a community like this for just 3 STEEM.

You can assign roles to accounts and moderate the community the way you want.

It's extremely easy to join/get invited to a community and switch between communities on

Even though (STEEM) downvotes can still be cast from outside the community this will never affect the visibility of the post inside the community.

This is what @andrarchy had to say about it:

Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 12.34.57.png

STEEM downvotes will affect STEEM rewards. But if the community uses its own token (SMT: BBQBEER) none of this will ever matter moving forward.

If a post makes 50 BBQBEER tokens and 2 STEEM and someone downvotes your post with STEEMPOWER from outside the community you will lose the 2 STEEM but still get the 50 BBQBEER tokens (Steem-Engine tribes work in a similar way).

This post can be about anything. It can just be a photo of you, next to a warm fire and a grill with a rack of ribs where you smile into a camera with a nice Barrel-Aged Stout in your hand. The title: Good times!

BBQBEER community will understand that feeling of grilling in the cold with a heavy beer to keep you warm. You might receive 50 replies of ppl saying 'CHEERS!'. So this post is 100% worth 50 BBQBEER tokens but a person with STEEMPOWER from outside the community might feel differently about it and downvote it. But who cares about that. The post is perfectly visible in the BBQBEER community and has plenty of engagement.

This is also the reason why I encourage you to use the APPICS apps now and don't worry about any STEEM downvotes. Your fear of downvotes in STEEM is literary preventing you from earning APX tokens in the app itself. And if there was ever a time to earn APX token, it's now!

Now imagine hundreds of these communities on

The car's community.
The Holiday community
The Brexit community.
The Gaming community
The Crypto Community
The Bitcoin Community
The Dash Community
The (temporary) "street party 31 December 2019" community.

There is room for everyone. All on All separately moderated and all very easily created. Long term and Short Term.

Will every community be for you? No. But you can find the ones you like.

And if you think the community owners do a bad job, you can make one yourself and do it better.

Will every community be successful? I highly doubt it.

But some of these communities will most likely become big.

The role of the STEEM token

I'm not 100% sure what the plan is for the STEEM token.

It might stay a common reward token but when this place indeed has millions of users how much STEEM will you still able to earn by then. Just MicroSTEEM most likely.

But there is one thing I do know.

Everyone (every Steem account) that wants to do anything on the Steem Blockchain will need to have access to RC's.

Without RC's, besides a few things, you can't do much.

Only staked STEEM provides RC's.

Communities will most likely use RC pools where community members can tap from.

When the community grows they need access to more RC's. Aka they need to lease or buy more STEEM.

For me, it's the one true use case for STEEM moving forward and it's the only thing that makes sense and the only good reason to invest in STEEM today.

Hundreds of communities will hopefully mean millions of 'eyes' on and for them a chance to monetize it with advertisements. Maybe even in agreement with community owners.

When the BBQ & BEER community has 100k members (let's think big). Big Green Egg might want to put a nice advertisement in that specific community. What a way to target an audience.

I have no idea if this will all happen but it's fun for me to think like this.

It gets me pumped about STEEM again. And this time it's not just words, it's actually being built and in closed BETA being tested.

It also coincides with the vibe and the posts that I read surrounding Steem on Steemfest4. All more real talk than before and less empty promises.

I like it.

And when you know these changes are coming worrying about things going on the platform today is completely pointless.

I would highly recommend not getting involved in any of the politics regarding good content and votes and just have fun and post as much as you like with all the apps this platform has to offer and earn all the tokens you can earn.

Because that is where we are going anyway.


Question for ya. It doesn’t seem like this is least not currently. But will there ever be a way for a community to be a completely closed group meaning what is posted there stays just there? Reason I ask is there is a Comics group I’m a part of that was on Facebook but now left for Patreon as the founder thought there was no better place. It’s a speculation group meaning they don’t want their info getting out. Just staying between members. Guessing that’s not possible here as everything is transparent on the chain?

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That's not possible right now. Everything on the Steem Blockchain is transparent. I understand the need though, but I reckon there are already plenty of centralized options for that.

Is that true that everything is transparent? That is an actual question by the way. I know memos can be encrypted by adding # in front of it so only the recipient can interpret it.

Could posts and comments be encrypted so only members can decipher the encryption and read the contents of the post? This way people could have private communities but everything gets kept on the chain. For instance, witnesses could have a community but only active witnesses could view the posts. This would help remove reliance on third parties such as discord which fragments the community.

To me this approach would open up a cool new door because it would allow for small groups of friends to form communities. It would essentially allow for Facebook like functionality on the blockchain if I am thinking about it correctly.

You could send PGP messages or some other option like that. But, as a built in solution, no there is not one currently.

I've thought about this a lot as well.
Steem absolutely needs to implement the ability to use the memo key to encrypt anything. Would be quite the godsend.

Absolutely. I think it would be a real game changer for those that want that functionality.

Yeah I figured. I hope it happens eventually in some capacity though. Regardless, I’ll be trying to build a nerd community once live.

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While I get your idea, I would Imagine that would cause a lot of abuse on the steem blockchain when it comes to the reward pool. Since it would basically make them invisible the the outer world. But that's another discussion :-)

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True....Maybe an option where as if it's marked private for just those in the community they forfeit rewards? I dunno...just spitballin here. lol

I just know that we got invited to a private surprise birthday party and if that was done here instead of facebook, the person of honor would see it then. I do like the idea of keeping things within a group.

Another example is I am in a retailer only group on FB and info is put out by the publishers from time to time there just for our eyes only. Things like that. But as @exyle said...there are other options out there for it.

There are other options but I think something could be developed on chain. Possibly a second layer solution.

Its impossible to set a standard value of posts since we all have different opinions about valuable things ✌️

I think steemit lately has grown more mature with the downvote system, with that meaning; bidbots has become without work, and people are running all over for substitutes...

I feel the same as you guys. People need to be more active and manually upvote post.
How would facebook gwt if all autoliked?

We are in exiting times 🤘🤘🤘 steem on my fellows, lets make steem greater.

Peace ✌️

Are you asking if someone could put an encrypted post onto the chain? I dont see why not. The other party would need the decryption code to read.

The question is what system could steem community do to have a decentralized and trustless method for decryption stuff?

I've thought about this a lot as well.
Steem absolutely needs to implement the ability to use the memo key to encrypt anything. Would be quite the godsend.

More demand for steem for access to RCs is great. I just hope the whole block chain doesn't get too confusing for the masses to understand.

I think it will be easier to tbh. The only thing you have to do is make an account and join a community/game. No need to worry about having STEEM first for RC's.

The RC's will be provided for you (if there is a pool).

Earning tokens will be then be introduced naturally. Just joining a community and starting engaging will happen first I reckon.

I just gave appics a go again on the basis of your "downvotes" logic, i.e. they won't matter in future. I didn't know there was such a thing as an appics. I've never seen it discussed. Fingers crossed I don't get too much hate. 😁

Awesome! Enjoy everything the Steem blockchain has to offer! the APX rewards will only show in the appics app, so make sure you check it there.

Ok. Thanks for the info. 😍

"Only" so that info is off chain and centralized?

APX is a steemengine token.

I'm so glad I saw this post. I've had issues with the lack of engagement and this may be just what we need to counter that.

This offers a chance to find (or even create) a community where my high effort posts may be more visible with an audience built just for them. This way, one doesn't have to hope curators find my work accidentally. We can reach a targeted "tribe" on our own.

Now I know why you're excited about the future, @exyle. Count me in!

Yeah, communities should improve content discovery a lot!

Big Green Egg has been following me all round the Internet ever since I voted for one of your posts with a picture of it. It's nice to know it will have a home to go to 😎

@crosheille, @muscara, I expect you are right on top of this as a home for @needleworkmonday.

I’ve been reading some of the posts and trying to keep up to understand it all. I’ll message you in Discord.

Sign me up :)
(Both to communities in general, and beerandbbq specifically)
Any word on name-squatting prevention? At 3 STEEM each, that's a lot of names going very cheap.

Actually, I think I recall a conversation a while ago, where communities are numbered, and the names can be duplicates of existing names. Is that what we ended up going with?

Yeah, that's it, although I got a comment by @jarvie stating:

However there is still a ton of discussion to be had about URLs for interfaces

Discord seems to do it well. You see me as "mattclarke" there; when I'm actually mattclarke#6202.
Perhaps communities could be beerandbbq0002 etc
If I join based on a link in your post it doesn't matter that somebody else has beerandbbq0001.
But yes, it would make URLS untidy.

Yeah the interfaces have long decided on most common url standards for users,
topics on steem... adding communities will be very interesting for sure.

@exyle When a community is created the 3 steem fee will be burned?

I hope you’re right!

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me too, lol.

This looks great @exyle. I have been watching your posts about communities and I still have a few questions. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but do you know about the SMT side of things? Say there is a community and that community has a community on and also has their own front end and they use their SMT on both. Is Steemit Inc. Making a way for SMT to be exchangable on the platform and able to exchange SMTs directly for Steem? Thanks.

Yes. From what I understood there will be an Exchange for SMT's with STEEM being the main trading pair.

Whether there is a demand for any specific SMT is hard to tell (aka volume). Demand is something that the SMT owner will need to provide.

That is awesome to hear. I love the economic side of it, and the idea of the easy trading. Thanks. When do communities become available of us to try? Or did I miss a post with a link somewhere?

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One day, all the issues we're dealing with right now on Steem will just be a memory we laugh about while drinking beer and eating BBQ on your yacht 😂

Steemfest 7 - Monaco :)

Hopefully it will enrich the steemit community and Steem blockchain will be best blockchain.Lets see what is waiting for STEEM in future.Waiting for SMT.

Thanks for your update. It sounds pretty good. I can't wait until we can see all this in real on the main steem chain.

Same here, man!

Surely steemit is going far I also see the future is bright

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This should surely be an exciting year ahead in the Steemiverse! I have been trying and trying to get on the Appics app but no luck so far. Something is awry. I'll keep at it. Hopefully it works out soon!! Always appreciate your take on things. Steem on Mark! 🍻

Have you tried the Telegram group?

I did! And, they're very helpful. And, finally after not giving up for a few days -- i got on the app! Woohoo!!!

How is this different then steem engine tribes

It will bring something tangible on the table.

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Wow! Thanks for pointing out the potentials of the forthcoming community features. Never will there be a dull moment on Steem and nobody will be isolated again. It is too good to be true but it is true already. Cheers to brighter days ahead.

Are you going to keep the beer and bbq community around after they are fully out or is that something you are going to leave behind after the beta stages? This is very exciting. I just hope we don't again end up with a ton of tokens that hold little or no value. I look forward to seeing which direction all of this takes us.

I like the idea of having a community on Steem but I'm not 100% sure if I am a good community manager/admin type person. It takes a lot of work to do it right. It's something I will have to consider.

I expect there will be lots of SMT's with no value.

If I look at Ethereum. According to the stats I found there are over 200,000 (two hundred thousand) ERC-20 tokens there. Loads of those have no value.

This is an amazing update. Looking forward to its official lauch. 😍👍

I can't wait to try out communities and am anxious to see what kind of impact they'll have. This will be the most radical change to the platform since its 2016 launch.

If I'm understanding how it will work, it should make the Steem token more scarce thereby having a positive impact on the price of the currency. I'm grateful I didn't power down in this past year!

How easy it is to create your community?

You are seniors, We follow your steps. Hope you are right

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SMT and communities can't come fast enough. We are at #88 on CMC at the time of this comment and I'm afraid we are out from top 100 by the time of the HF.


This looks coo. But why does it look like Reddit? I think we need to change that for something, unique.

Anyway, is there a way to get into the closed beta? When will the open beta start?

Theres only one very simple interface at the moment because we are just testing for now so simple is good ... but we are open to knowing what people think is the best possible interface... in particular on

Yeah, I'm not a good UX judge but I prefer busy to steemit interface.

Some of my posts don't appear right on Images are aligned to left when they're supposed to be in a "quote." Though I really like how Steempeak shows all the steem-engine earnings for each post.

Good writing.

Wow, we are going to create the CANNA community then for Cannabis enthusiasts, growers, smokers, activists etc.

We need to spread the word about the benefits of medical Cannabis and it's ability to heal, both the spirit and the body.

This is basically Reddit 2.0 IMHO. Reddit already has 330 million monthly active users. If we had that many accounts 1 person would barely be able to own 1 STEEM on average. Just let that sink in.......

🤯 wow thats big time!

That's why I HODL :)

Imagine it actually happened 😀

The Testnet is already out. It'll be next year when things get released and will take some time for projects to start using them.

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Downvotes are technically censorship on steemit. It fits the definition perfectly.

Not the reward aspect but rather the greying out of content when the rewards are pushed to zero.

I dislike that part of the system greatly.
Glad to see this change.

On the community aspect... Yeah sounds great. Steemit taking shape more of reddit.

..really curious where the journey will go..thx for this post.. up..

Well said Mark!

That's a good theme for a community. Beer and barbeques.

Thanks @exyle for this kind of idea in creating communities without fear of losing steem. This will surely revolutionize the entire Steem community because we can be sure of constant following from fellow Steemians with the same interest and worked together as a group.

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Any chance I get the log in too? Thanks!

Blah blah blah blah blah

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I'm not sure what you're trying to say..

erm... @lucylin, allow me that I translate for ya what @skramatters is saying.

He says: that both he and you and me too. The three of us have been muted by this 'celebrity' long time ago. Hence, he cannot be enlightened with our radiant eloquence, smoking coherence and exuberant sense of humor through our exquisite comments in his posts anymore. };)

Mine was a very recent mute..
....well, that's him going into my video (on communities), today....

I haven't had a mute for a while (must try harder).

Always count on snowflake to close their ears to things they don't like to hear.
Reality and so forth.
(and yeah, we know he's reading his comments through an alt account....clever....very cleverrrr ....lmao)

Hahahaha, yeah mate... amazingly cleverrrr!!

I haven't had a mute for a while (must try harder).

Ah my dear @lucylin. Don't be modest, you are a Rising Star in this department. :)

....well, the first part of the video is

The 3 mutedteers? 😂😎🤘

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The question of what STEEM token should become was heavily debated during SF. Some, including myself, think that removing the author/curation rewards from STEEM for it to become a token to hold for RCs would be a good idea. Some are against the idea. Truth is we can't possibly guess how it would unfold.

tested out appics all good sofar. Will get your tree i'm looking after, posted eventually:)

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