How much STEEM does an absolute passive investor make in 150 days?

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Around 150 days ago my dad told me he wanted to invest in STEEM.

My dad has no interest in writing blogs or curating content. He just wants to invest.

He never believed in the platform until he learned through me about Steem Monsters and their business model (selling cards for money). This was something in his world he could understand and it sparked interest.

I bought 5000 euro worth of STEEM for him right then and there.

I powered it up and put it into two projects 50/50 back then: Smartsteem and the rising.

Since today I also delegated 5000SP to @ocdb.

In the last 150 days, my dad has been in the profit and the loss.

To be break even today STEEM needs to be 0,36 euro ($0,40).

How did he do in STEEM?

If Steem is a currency then it would make sense to see how much more STEEM he has now.

Because we started from Euro I had to go to BTC first and then STEEM. It took some fees.

150 days ago 5000 euro bought 12,800 STEEM.

He now has 13,997 in STEEMPOWER.

In total: +1197 STEEM or +9,35% in 150 days from the starting point.

1197 STEEM ( x 0,31 euro ) = 371 euro.

How did he do in Euro?

Because STEEM went down compared to the euro he could have bought more STEEM today for the same amount of money: ~15800 STEEM.

This is what his floating loss (it's only a loss when you sell) is:

13997 STEEM (x 0,31 euro) = 4339,07 euro.

A current floating loss of 5000 euro - 4339,07 euro = 660,93 euro.


It's easy to say that in hindsight he should have bought today to get more STEEM.

But that's always easy in hindsight. Buying at the absolute bottom is impossible in my mind and nobody knows where that is even now.

STEEM has hit the 50 euro cent mark in the last 150 days. So he has been in the profit already as well.

All I know is that If STEEM goes back to 36 euro cents ($0,40) at some point in the years to come he's break even. And this number will come down with time because he will accumulate more STEEM while waiting for that to happen.

Next report in 3 months!

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Wow, investing 5000 in one go! That requires some balls! I think in the end it will be a good decision though ;) For how long was the idea to stay invested for him?

Good morning!!!!

I believe that steem is a great investment.
I wish i had some spare money to buy more steems but i am not.
I will increase my steems by doing it the hard way by posting, commenting etc.

That is also my case, but I managed to still come up a few more steem last week, 17steems from 300php, i am targeting to be a minnow.
But that is also thanks to friends who delegated me some of their steems.

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Investing in steem is a good idea, price will not remain in the same as it is, it will sure rise up and profit come regularly. And now you can earn through curation till. This is a vital i formation for steem.

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Asides from developers, people like your dad are the best for Steem. We need to make it pur duty that passive investors always get a nice return because if no one wants to buy Steem as an investment, we are doomed to see it become worthless.

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That is a great cost basis to have! Investors have longer term mindsets which should outweigh the volatility. However, the opportunity for me has been to turn an investment into a more entrepreneurial view where I can participate actively and earn more on my efforts with the stake supporting me. That has been exciting and not many can do what Steem does like it!

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I am happy to hear that it has been decent investment for him. I think we will see some positive movement here soon. Even though a lot of people seem to be down about Steemit right now.

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I bough bitcoin at 18000 $ =)

I'm getting somewhere between 17% and 19% APR on my investment through delegation and then I am earning some money passively through auto curation.

Hey @exyle, you should consider looking at for stable investments, I'm personally averaging 19.7% per annum nett.

SP lease contract payments will remain the same regardless of market fluctuations, generally bots pay less when the demand for upvotes is low.

You can check out our press release:

And below a comparison vs Real Estate investing:

That's quite a decent return in terms of stake for simply being a passive steem investor and its only going to continue to compound so even if the value drops he can still manage to break even eventually and then start moving into profit.

to @ocd or @ocdb? There will be a bit of a difference :)

Thanks! Will edit that :)

If he had bought EOS, he would have doubled his money.

And hey, you can now also make passive income when staking your EOS.

If Block One airdrops the tokens for their new social media platform to all EOS holders, one immediately become a stake holder in that project too.

That doesn't mean STEEM can't perform well too, but I'd certainly call it a riskier investment. STEEM just doesn't have the broader public opinion on its side and it will be very difficult to turn this around, even if it is the most-used blockchain at this moment.

We're now nearing spot 60 on coinmarketcap. I thought falling outside of the top 20 was bad...

At least he got a lot of new Steem without doing anything.

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And also to imagine if steem rise up as high as 1-2$ again. He will break more and more

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@exyle, how do you delegate to @ocdb??? Please tell me


+9 % in 150 days is actually pretty damn amazing if you think of it! Maybe that is exactly the reason why Steem price is so low, that kind of return is for some people too hard to resist to sell their earnings, and floods the sell side...

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Less than half a year and he is already making 10% profit with the prices being super undervalued...

profit in one way loss in another that's crypto

It's rare for me to find content that really provokes me to reflect on in this platform. I believe this is the first I have commented on one of your blogs. I like this insight as it also tells me what could've been if I bought steem during that time. I'm still contemplating on whether to invest more.

I believe purely passive investing is not working at the moment, you could get more by active trading on the crypto exchange, but not everyone thing.

"absolute passive"

I love the word absolute. :-)

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What a great experiment to track Steem performance in this way. It'll be really interesting to see the results after 12 months. I'll guess the return will be much better than high interesting checking or a money market account.

Cool insight and this is a starting point. Will your dad earn more at the bank?
Knowing the liquidity issue of 13 week ??
Keep on postin

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That's a cool way to get people interested in the platform! It is easy enough yet brings people and cryptocurrency together. Still, it wasn't a worse time to buy Steem. Some people invested back when Steem was 6$ (was it? it feels like it has never happened).

And I think you could have tracked the increase per month to give you a better idea for the break-even point instead of calculating big chunks that only give you a current value.

Slow but stedy growth for investors in STEEM that's make STEEM more powerful then any steady investment which is already available in market.

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