I leased 50,000 SP for 3,165 STEEM for 6 months.

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I have been leasing out my own Steempower for a while on Dlease.io and it works great.

Every day you get a payout for all your leases in your wallet and it's fully automated.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that you need to cancel a lease when the time runs out.

This is something you have to do manually.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 10.32.41.png

The dashboard tells me this lease will run out in 8 hours, I will then have to cancel it manually by pressing a button

The downside of canceling a lease is that you can't access your SP for the next 5 days.

The reason that it takes 5 days for you to get your STEEMPOWER back is that the person that leased your STEEM could potentially have blown his whole voting load (from 100% to 0%) before the lease ran out and it takes 5 days for this voting power to recover.

If you would get your SP back sooner, you could double vote. That's why it's 5 days.

Why I leased 50k STEEMPOWER

For a while now I have been thinking about buying more STEEM.

I believe we are still in a downtrend but I also know STEEM is nearing that territory where it can fly up.

I had some liquid STEEM in my wallet yesterday and decided to get some long leases instead of buying more STEEM.

I paid 3165 STEEM ($400) to get acces to 50k STEEMPOWER ($6250) for 6 months (Interest: 12,66%).

Time will tell whether that is a good deal or not but I think it's hard to lose STEEM here.

I'm already claiming account tokens (3 STEEM each) with the extra Steempower.

And I can use it to curate content. If I do a better job then 12,66% I can even earn a little STEEM over the next 6 months.

I also think leasing might become more popular when communities are released on Steemit.com.

If STEEM goes up from here (the sooner the better) the 50k STEEMPOWER will be even more powerful and a steal at $400. (At >20 cents SBD is printed again).

And if STEEM goes down as I expect then I can buy the STEEM back cheaper and still have access to the 50k for as long as it lasts.

I think I see it as a fairly inexpensive hedge.

A nice way to solve the indecisiveness I have been feeling towards buying more STEEM.

I will update this in a couple of months to see how it's working out.

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Good luck! I leased some STEEM a week or so ago based on one of your posts and it has been really nice to see a little boost in my curation rewards. I am not sure I will get any of the STEEM back that I invested into it, but it is nice to see my SP over 10k and to be able to give people a little bigger upvote than I normally do. It's like a nice Christmas present all around!

Nice! glad you like the leasing.

I checked your RC's at Steemd and I see you haven't claimed an account token yet. With your SP you should be able to claim two every 5 days. They are very handy if you want to onboard someone now or in the future.

How do I do that? Do I just visit Steemd? I have seen people mention it and I have been meaning to dig into it, but I have just never gotten around to it.

Same here - heard about it but would like more info. Do you need a certain amount of SP, what's the process/benefit etc?


I did this post yesterday, so i know where my vote for witness goes.

Thank you for doing good things for steem.

And about leasing sp, good ideea, i have small amount of steem and maybe i will invest in extra sp than power up.

Thanks for the witness vote! It's appreciated.

This is something you have to do manually.

I just discovered this a couple of days ago when I found a lease that had expired about 10 days ago. Oops! 😁

Oops indeed! The person you leased to go lucky with an extra 10 days for free. Glad you got it fixed!

It was only 400 so not too much of a deal. I'm just glad I saw it when I did. Although, even if I hadn't, your post would have alerted me today! 😁

Actually, that's only true if you didn't get a memo from minnowbooster which tells you that your lease has been renewed. If you got the memo that your lease was renewed, you'll continue getting the payments, otherwise, keep an eye on your active leases and when they expire and get ready to cancel the expired lease (should be in the expired leases column).

Yeah, I've been dabbling with DLease from the delegating side. %s have gone down a fair bit in just a few months bus still a good return and especially good when I wasn't active. Something to be said for both sides on leasing, depending on what works for you…

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Interesting. How much is the maximum you can lease?

As much as you want and willing to pay for.

Dear @exyle

Why is it important to cancel manually lease before the time runs out? What would happened otherwise?

I believe we are still in a downtrend but I also know STEEM is nearing that territory where it can fly up.

Just out of curiousity. Any idea if STINC is still dumping large amount of steem on the market on regluar monthly basis?

I paid 3165 STEEM ($400) to get acces to 50k STEEMPOWER ($6250) for 6 months (Interest: 12,66%).

I "examined" number of accounts on steemworld.org and it seem that hardly anyone out there is able to get more than 2SP weekly in curation rewards per each 1k of SP.
That would mean, that with additional 50k SP you should be able to earn around 100 steem weekly.

Half year = 26 weeks x 100 steem = 2600 steem.

That would be in my opinion your expected return on this investment. Unfortunatelly dlease in my opinion is far from being profitable (in most cases). At the same time it surely will help community around you to grow faster.


I saw your lease request. I personally lease out my steempower often, but lately the ROI seems to drop fast to +-12%.

I lease it out currently because I got no time for manual curation. When the communities are open I will reconsider :)

People from outside your community will be able to downvote you with SP, but not with SMT.BBQ token. This will have a lot of implications

Yep I’m also pretty sure cryptocurrency is in a downtrend.
I wish I had a chance to buy more steem but for now I’m just gonna go back in using the platform in a regular basis everyday so I can show my friends that as a community we can grow together.
I just got back from USA in my country Bulgaria and I’m gonna give my best to show my friends around here the power of decentralized platforms.

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