Off road adventure on the bike.

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Before Poland I was contacted by a friend of mine who lives near Arnhem.

I had not seen him for a while so we agreed to meet after my trip to Steemfest.

But yesterday he rang me up and asked if I would be interested in Mountain Biking in the forests near his home.

I agreed.

How hard could it be?

I ride a bike in the gym a lot of days in the week!

I was wrong...



Believe me...these pleasant pictures don't do justice to ups and down of the hills and what I went through.

I had to stop more than once, I totally underestimated it.

After 4 hours of biking and I was destroyed.

Utterly destroyed.

But man, was it awesome.

Tired as hell but I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.

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I used to do a lot of mountain biking. Great exercise and challenging. No doubt 4 hours will wreak havoc on your body ;)

This is very close to my home, Lol!
I also have done some mountain biking. You need have good stamina. A lot of hills and especially down hill you need to concentrate on the track.

Down hill especially! No time to think about anything but the present.

Nice to read that you liked the ride! Missed talking to you during SF... maybe an idea to go out for a ride? 😃

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Haha, maybe one day!

Guess who is going to sleep like a baby tonight. :)

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lol, I did :)

Riding a bicycle is a very pleasant experience, it is one of the most complete activities, in addition to feeling free, we help to be free of pollution to our planet. great

Good for you for hitting the trails!! All those leaves make for exquisite fall photos. I hope your body is not feeling too rough after all that! Nothing like forest bathing with a friend to clear the mind & sooth and fulfill the soul 🍃🍂🌳🌲

It sure clears the mind!

Kilometers in the gym can't compare with those in nature.

Now you see the value of riding a bike.
Western world we tend to diminish riding for exercise where other place this is the way of transportation

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Seems like a prefect #steemfat activity.

I truly hope it ended with BBQ and beers somewhere.

Great adventure, my friend, and the fact that you did this bike ride on this terrain is great. Of course, it causes fatigue, but you are right, a certain joy arises from such a trip in your heart! Thanks Mark

didn't know the netherlands had such challenging hills

hahah seems like you need to do more hiking now to experience more amazing nature :D by the way the pictures were awesomely epic !

Have nice day and adventure bro.

That is cool! I had a similar experience with a friend of mine who rides his bike all the time. I hadn't ridden one in a while and I wasn't able to keep up at all. It was pretty embarrassing actually!


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Omg very very very good.

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