Preparing for another London trip.

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It's time to pack my suitcase again.

Tomorrow I'm on my way to London.

I think this will be the first time I'm going to London without having the fear of any work related things over my head.

It's a blessing upon blessings I can't even begin to explain.

I'm going of-course to visit my good friends @ezzy and @rea.

Ever since meeting these guys on Steemfest 1 we have been in touch.

Especially with @ezzy I talk to him almost daily and usually about Steem :)

Bianca is coming too but she will arrive a couple of days later.

The thought of listing to 6 days of Steem talk was a bit too much for her....Can you believe it?

She will arrive for the weekend when @rea is off as well.

Looking forward to this a lot.

Good friends, good food and no doubt a good pint somewhere in the mix.

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You literally live on the road. But then being able to afford such a lifestyle is the goal.

Wish you good luck ,have great time with your steemfest's friends.

Dear friend, it's great that you're going to travel again, that's great and, above all, you meet with people who have already become family, because the Steemianos are part of a big family, I hope Bianca will soon join you and Have a very happy day. Greetings dear friend.

A great idea to go to London, my friend, is always great to visit friends and chat with them. You are right, when there are good friends, life becomes brighter and more interesting, especially if you spend that time for good food and excellent beer, then communication becomes much more pleasant! Well done! Thanks Mark

Cool that you guys keep in touch.
Congrats to you and B.
Have a safe trip.

Cool that you guys keep
In touch. Congrats to you and
B. Have a safe trip.

                 - pouchon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks man!

I'm looking forward to a selfie by @rea and Bianca I'm sure it will be amazing, how long do you and Bianca intend to stay in London?

I'm sure that will happen. About 6 days I will stay.

Good friends, good food and no doubt a good pint somewhere in the mix...

Exactly! That’s what matters!

Enjoy it in London!

Mark @exyle Enjoy the Visit with your Friends and I know Bianca @bkdbkd will also enjoy the visit and Dinners with @ezzy and @rea...........

Good morning :D

Yes I thought that after we met again a few weeks ago, pretty much the first thing I mentioned was pharesim/Steem, and the general topic didn't really change much - Sorry about that Bianca!

Enjoy your trip, Beer, and Steem!

Haha! Yeah I remember that! If I get the change to talk Steem with people that are in the know I won't skip it :)

Same, it doesn't happen enough for me at present!

Hi @exyle, I'm so happy you are coming to London. I also live in England (Surrey). I would be glad if can meet both of you. Where are you landing Heathrow airport or Gatwick and where your friend live? I live near Gatwick airport. So it's a great chance to meet both of you. Have a safe journey, take care.

Give my regards to them :)

Good for you! It's just awesome seeing you so positive and doing things you enjoy! Without any overhead stress. It's cool you and @ezzy met at Steemfest! Wooooo! #allthingssteem

OMG!!! Give Rea a hug for me! :) So excited for you!

Thanks Karen!

Wishing you a safe trip to London and happy that you don't have to worry about job obligations. That is the power of cryptos, giving us freedom from demanding 9 to 5 schedules. Have lots of fun with @ezzy and @rea- I know you will be sharing great pics :)

Have a great time in London @exyle. Hope the weather continues fair. 😊

Bon Voyage, hope you have a wonderful relaxing trip and the time you will spend visiting your friends will also be satisfying!

You must be very lucky to be able to travel the world @exyle! Please take care because we want to see more of your posts here. I hope you enjoy London! :)

Sounds like it is going to be an awesome trip. I hope you guys have a great time. It is always hard for me to remember that going to a different country in Europe is like going to a different State in the US. Since everything is so much closer. When you hear someone say they are going to London it just holds a certain amount of awe and respect. I wonder if people feel the same way when someone says they are going to Detroit for the weekend... :)

Haha! great analogy! It sounds more awesome then it is I guess :). It's only a hour away by flight and 5 by train.

Oh gosh, by no means did I intend to diminish it. I'd give my left kidney to go to London! It is just funny being part of a global community now how people in Europe are like oh my kid is going to Rome for a class trip. Being way over here, that is like a bucket list trip!

Have a great mini-vacation!

This is going to be a fun trip have a great trip and keep us updated :) enjoy

Enjoy your visit to England. Have some nice steem talks with @ezzy. Ezzy is a great person. I visit ezzys blogs everyday to comment on posts. This trip is going to be amazing. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

Times are changing, and so is the value of the US dollar against the British Pound. Now is the time to visit London! These tips will help you prepare for a trip there:

Have a safe journey buddy !

Will be looking forward to the tour of yours !

Good one! I always love to be there. Expecting few pictures with nice writing.
Have a safe one.

Hay, do share your journey with photos

You just missed the big heath wave we had! Weather is a lot nicer now. :P Enjoy your stay! :)

Thats great to know keep exploring the world.

This is a valuable experience, and you need to post in steemit, it is very amazing and an inspiration for me and my friends. thanks very mush?

Release the stress and have fun.

I live 40 min train journey from London haha.

Wish you best of luck on your journey fear free!
May you have a safe trip and you enjoy more and more
Stay blessed

"Good friends, good food and no doubt a good pint somewhere in the mix."

Good pints, good food and no doubt good friends somewhere in the mix.


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