Steemit Beta is now open to everyone!

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Before it was a closed BETA and password protected but that's gone now:

Go check out: and start or join a community!

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 10.24.45.png

Just be aware that whatever you post in a community will become a blog post on (for now).

For example, I just made a post in my BBQ community:

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 10.31.57.png (it appears as a blogpost)

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 10.26.24.png

Beta (It does not appear under my blog)

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 10.30.07.png

Because of this, I expect a lot of extra 'short' blog posts appearing on now that people can try out communities on the Beta site.

Just make sure you are aware of this and don't judge posts to harshly while people find their way with communities.

Have fun with the BETA!

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COOL! I completely forgot about communities starting up 🤣 will check it later thanks! Have a great day mate

Awesome! Have fun with it later. And you have a great day too!

Fuck, thank for the reminder, aint had time to get online lately so next time I will see it

I just got around to getting on the laptop and it asked me for a pw to get onto the beta, is it down again for a bit?

I will probably hold off until they have things fully running. It is surprising that people are not more understanding about different content showing up on your feed. They can get really bent out of shape sometimes though! You might even lose a follower or two :) It is going to be pretty awesome when things are rolled out completely.

When this goes live, none of that will be a problem anymore!

Good information. Thank you.

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That is nice @exyle we need more communities that uses steem so that it might support our platform and of course the price of steem. :D

Communities should increase engagement on Steemit a lot. I can't wait for it to go live.

I believe ultimately developers and investors will want to go to the place where the 'real' people are. They are on Steem. Combine that with a STEEM token that will be much harder to earn moving forward and you have powder keg city waiting to happen.

And in the meantime, just have fun. It's what I do.

Amazing News!

Oh this is cool... I forgot that steemit was closed beta

Thank you! The guys at @threespeek had created a community and put me in it as admin but until now there didn't seem to be anything I could do with that. Now I can use it. This is starting to look like it has huge potential. Very exciting.

Thanks for the info, checking it out.

I was at SF and have been reading up about communities. Maybe I'm just really slow and can't get my head around a few things.

I guess if you're in a community, its going to be easier to link up with like minded people whom you may not be following and read posts that interest you. But posting in coummunties, and not on the wider Steem blockchain surely would restrict your potential payout? Or am I missing something?

This is awesome! I have been so looking forward to this. Just created my first Community Crypto Talk as soon as I read your post.

@exyle so many questions! If we put the correct #hive-160867 tag on main blog posts from our SteemPress linked blog, will they appear in the community? Does that tag have to be the first one?

Yep ! And yes tag needs to be the first one.

thanks for the info!

How to post in a community ? We need just to use a tag ?

After you join a community press:

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 11.06.11.png

You can also see it in the editor:

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 11.06.21.png

What about creating a community, is it working now ? Something went wrong when I tried and the steem wasn't sent.

It works fine with keychain.

I just tested it by making a new community:

It told me that was created but I didn't find it in the list. Should we post there something first to see it in this list : ?

here is it : it was just created finally , but still don't see it in the community list

I am not sure what the criteria are to get on the list. My BBQ community is on the list but the test one I just created is not. Maybe the community must show some activity first.

Ok, let's see how it goes. Are there any fees to pay to get in that list ? Maybe you ask about that, or all that needed is the activity ?

I have an other problem, the community is not showing me the name and the discription. How to fix that ? Is there any support discord or something like that to ask ?

You had me at BBQ Community.

Historically, many steemians have posted/commented that Steemit is competition for Facebook. I personally believe it is much more suited to be competition for Reddit.

I even renamed the community for you consider you (wait for it) don't drink beer :) But as an egghead, you belong!


Now, I can proudly show off my Whiskey while grilling!!!

i feel honoured!!!

Are all community names being harvested in beta before everyone else gets a chance to make his or her own community? Or can there be multiple communities with the same name?

I think there is a displayname and an ID, but I’ll delegate the question to @exyle.

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Fantastic, more communities!

Sounds cool!!

Want to check tooo.

This is one of the areas Steemit Inc really really needs to work on @steemitblog should have made an announcement. Your post is 23 hours old as I post this, yet still no post almost a full day later from @steemitblog.

They have over the course of the last six months pinned post of little use to the average person, for as much as they have been talking about and pinning high hopes on, you would think there would have been some sort of announcement that the SMT communities pages are now enabled. Or did they only send the we are live post out on their facebook and twitter accounts and ignore the steemit users?

I know there are a lot of other front ends, I started on steemit, and that is what I still use for the majority of my activity on the steem block chain. Communications from steemit inc via their @steemitblog account is still seriously lacking. thank you for the heads up.

Letting users in slowly might be best for the developers to monitor how things are working?

The closed beta was good for that,now the gates are open I still feel they should have made an announcement. Communities, and SMT's have been a big part of the push and build in 2019, you would think they would want to let people know it is now available for all to test, not just a few.

Thanks for joining my community! I'm still trying to figure out how it is all going to work!

I am hoping someone will come out with a how to guide soon. I joined a few communities, and will take some time soon to delve more into them and learn what I can from a user point of view. We are expecting a new weather system this weekend, so will have time to play and look around it then.

I am not certain what to do with the wallet for the hive. Should I delegate to it? Those kind of questions. Maybe it will all fall into place when we get SMTs.

Do you have any daylight left? I don't mind the snow as much as I do the darkness.

Yes sunrise is just after 9 AM, and sunset today just after 4 PM. I think our shortest day is about 5 and a half hours of official daylight, but I am not sure.

Just looked it up, on 12-21-2019 sunrise 10:11 AM and sunset 3:56 PM. so I guess close to 6 hours.

Our days are noticably shorter, too. Ours is 7:13 am to 4:22 pm tomorrow. Your days are much shorter than ours!

One quick question @exyle

Can one post be part of few different communities? Or just one and only one?

And also if I subscribe then to some community and new publication will be posted, then how VISIBLE is this post on my feed? I mean - will I be at least notified?

Just wondering how real visibility will increase.


Did they close that now ? After I created a community and start inviting people to it !


What's wrong @exyle ?

It went back into closed Beta. I'm not sure why atm.

They just made us happy about all this and strange things happening again. I hope they will fix that soon. It's not the way to go.

It's Beta...things happen, man. It's good to see your enthusiasm though for communities. You are not the only one. Fingers crossed it's open soon again.

How come i cannot login to the site?

@exyle i also can not log in. it ask user name and password

It is asking me for a password... and not accepting the private key? So, what do I do to get in?

It is closed again apparently. I just tried logging in multiple times with different keys and nothing worked.