What's the best content?

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What's the best content?

  1. A 10 min amature sex tape.
  2. A 40-page essay about the political landscape of Europe from 1200 to 2020.
  3. A photo of a dog.
  4. A stream of someone playing Fortnite.

Tik-Tok. Take your pick.


By Steemit standards (especially the old standards) it would have been number #2! Writing an essay obviously required the most time to create and was therefor the most valuable.

Whether it was really good or not didn't matter much. This was the standard. All short content was SPAM and disgusting. YUK!

The problem with this 'essay' standard was that it also created the example of what good content should look like and everyone became a 'long content' creator for that reason. Some people were so good at it they could produce 3 essays a day!

Looking back at it now I'm glad that standard has been lowered.

Coming back now to the 4 examples at the top.

I got this idea for the value of content from an excellent post by @terrybrock called:

Content is NOT King --- Without this other element you go nowhere

In the post, Terry writes that besides great content it's paramount that you work on connections.

From the post:

People connecting with people.

People connecting with products they love.

People connecting with ideas that resonate with them in a community they belong to and stay in touch.

If you combine great content with great connections, you get the results you want. Yes, it is a combination, but the connections that you build beat out content.

In other words, you can have the best content in the world if you have no audience then that's a problem.

I think this is 100% true now and also counts for Steemit.

And it targets the core of the good content matter. Especially on social media if this is what Steemit want to be?

Essays, for me, are not social things, just like books are not social things.

I do not mind reading them, and maybe discuss them when I gave it some thought. But reading them I would not consider being social. I also don't feel like I have a social connection with a writer when I read a book.

When I read a book by Ken Follet, I don't have a feeling of interaction with Ken Follet I have an interaction with the characters in the book.

Yet a book and essay can of course still be great content.

Compare that to someone posting a picture of him or her with a dog. This I would consider more social, I have a dog, I can relate. If it's a dog of a person I know it's even better. But what if it's a picture posted by Beyonce of her dog and this get's 6 million likes/views? Would that make the content more valuable than a book?

When a picture of a dog gets more social interaction on social media than an essay even though it took 1000x less effort to make is that better or worse content? How should it be rewarded?

Same goes for a video game streamer. I like to watch a stream of someone I know even though that person doesn't know me. The best streamers don't have to be the best gamers, the best streamers are the streamers people like to watch for whatever reason.

The best content is the content that can get the most social interactions and 'eyes' I would say, especially for social media.

But what about that 10 min amateur sex tape @exyle? (you dirty bastards, lol). Well, that all depends. If someones amateur sex tape can get 5 million views, I would say it was pretty successful, and it would be nice if that could be rewarded as well.

My whole point is how the hell can we judge what good or bad content is without looking at a whole bunch of other factors besides the content itself.

It's simply impossible. At least that's what I think.

For Steemit I would, therefore, argue that the best thing that can be done for Steem is creating an environment where anyone is able to create content and grow their own account and provide the platform with tools for monetization of those accounts.

One of these tools is, of course, investing in/earning and holding Steempower. It's what sets Steem apart from all others.

But I would like to see more if that's possible.

I would love to see add revenue kickbacks somehow to the content creators that 'bring the most eyes and interaction' and bring in the most revenue for Steemit.com (win-win). Evergreen content would be even better.

Content on Steem is like a highway. Before you know it any post is in the rearview mirror and everyone forgets and it's on to the next.

Monetization of content outside of the reward pool would help loads to bring in more and better content creators.

But I also know this is not an easy task that's for sure.

I wonder what you guys think? What is the best content?

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for me. it’s the content that gets responses. engagement. and shares.

and that comes in any format really. especially the amateur tapes lolol

seriously though. short to the point content (flow content) is very important in a social platform. this is what builds the relationships.

the essays are fine. but to look down on the flow content won’t help. we need both here i believe.

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we need both here I believe.

Yes, that's what I believe too.

content that moves me in any form is content and it's unique to my mood, geo location and episode of my journey through life = ever changing. i don't need an audience to feel like something is good if i feel inside that i enjoyed it ;)

update.. .
also, TEN MINUTES? wow, you really have age on your side don't you! :)

Yeah, enjoying what you create plays a huge part! At some point in my Steem journey, I decided to create what I like instead of what would please anyone and it changed everything for me.

Nowadays I do a mixed bag of stuff. I do like to emphasize good vibes in general. I can't stand negativity for too long.

And 10 minutes...pppff...I wasn't talking about my tape, lol!

fair enough man ;) do you! :)

Good content is anything that generates traffic because that's how you sell ads, which is what will drive up the price of Resource Credits, which is what every Steem Power holder owns and would love to rent out at a high price.

If you are talking about Ads. on steemit, the revenue goes to steemit Inc.

I wasn’t talking about Steemit in particular. Besides, if Steemit or any front end or can generate a lot from ads, then they won’t be forced to auto-sell any STEEM and you know how that would affect the price. Traffic also means that it makes sense for businesses to create accounts and buy Steem Power to be able to engage users here like @coingecko does. Also, those ad revenue generating apps need RCs to delegate to their users. They’re going to have to rent it from investors loaded with SP.

As a visual artist I think one picture or one drawing can also talk by itself, but we all have a feeling of what's good content and what's not, I certainly try my best

I guess all value is in the eyes of the beholder.

What is valuable for me might not be for you so its hard to say. The french have an amazing saying:

les goûts et les couleurs, on ne discute pas

do not argue about taste and colour...

and its absolutely right. So the ongoing discussion on steem is about income and revenue, not about "quality of content"

Cool saying! Never heard that one before.

So the ongoing discussion on steem is about income and revenue, not about "quality of content"

I think this is true. I'll brew on it for a little longer.

You cant define good content but there should be an effective way to bring content that would appeal to most people to the top. Steem doesnt really have that yet

People were getting flagged for posting photos which i think is stupid. As long as it isnt plagiarized it should be fine

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there is already a tool of a decent monetisation outside of the reward pool, with the


token 😉. The token-culture is still in its infancy, but I hope there will be a lot more possibilities to tipp and foster social interactions.

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best content is one that you enjoy checking out.

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Seems true!

There are a lot of really creative people that are not great writers. The concept that good content must be an essay is rubbish. It just seems to academic, and neglects everything else. Good content is what garners interest.

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The best content is the content that brings value. If we write an essay just for people to read without emphasising on giving more value to people, it will not be the best. For example the value from your post is to not only create content, but to work on relationships. Also, you are talking about an important topic to all creators and that's a huge value. Thanks for the inspiration. ☺

Thank you!

Content adds value to any community as theybalign themselves with what interests them and provokes engagement. The best thing about Steem is that it can be flexible to all types of content and could improve upon its distribution if communities are created and involved to promote and engage it.

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I think there is no specific definition about the content quality. Any content that adds value to the platform and people gain knowledge and information after going though it should be considered good content. It could an essay, a blog mixed with few photos or video. If content is interesting then audience will like it for sure. Nice topic. Thanks

I agree ,it is hard to say what is good and what is bad as it depends on what we are comparing it to.

For me bad content is something that is illegal or something that’s aimed at hurt people. And of coarse posting other people’s content and passing it off as your own.

Also the closer we get to mainstream the more everyone’s views will change on good and bad content.

Thanks for posting this, it is actually something I have thought a lot about personal.

Have an awesome day!

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It would be easy, although a bit ugly to go around the payout window limitation. Steemchiller makes posts to give people an opportunity to keep rewarding him for developing and maintaining SteemWorld every week. So, curators could bang away at upvoting evergreen content to their hearts content while the votes would be redirected to an active placeholder post. At the end of the payout period, an app would pay liquid rewards to the creator of the upvoted content.

Another way to solve this would be to have an app automatically post comment to a post for the sole purpose of being something active to upvote. The app interface would not show the comment at all. But one could keep upvoting a good piece week after week forever.

Long essays are difficult to make on a mobile device. I do most of my Steem interactions on my phone. I could post more frequently if not for the insistence on quality content. This vague description makes me hesitant.

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A very real and good thought.

In my opinion, content will be interesting when there is interaction between creators and audiences, which can then be a material discussion about the contents of a post. You are right one hundred percent good content but without an audience is a very real problem. how come people will be able to say a good content if no one knows it.
an interaction is certainly very necessary to make relationships that can communicate with each other. don't stop at admiration and without further discussion of content.
Whether a content is good or not will be relative and dependent on many variables.
Value of likes, upvotes in large quantities and large values sometimes does not always refer to the good content. There are times when an upvote is given because the promoter is a "syndication" or a community that will automatically like and upvote each other.
Thank you @exyle, You open my thought a lot.
Warm regard from Indonesia

If something makes me laugh, It's a brilliant piece of work.

Haha doing a survey of political party that's going to be getting so board to do it. Rest other is really good to do. ☺️👍

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"The best content" is the "most visible" one. You can give hours for your research than create your post, but if it is not visible by "the bigs", i mean dolphins and whales", the content will not worth its preparetion time.

  • It's not up to anyone to decide what good content is, that is what the upvote and downvote buttons are for.
  • If you are a creator, you create depending on your personal goals.
  • I don't see why you are talking about "social" content, STEEM blockchain is agnostic of the content and the media type its expressed in.

right the utility one gets from content is normally distributed. Taste, moral, intelligence, creativity, is also normally distributed. Youtube became such a success because the content exploration was dependent on that kind of social distribution. Initial wealth is extreme-unequal (Pareto) distributed. Content exploration is plutocratic and does not reflect the normal opinion but the opinion of a few. Since they vote their own content it reflects often nothing but their ego. The result is that nobody cares. People only comment under high ranked articles because it is the only chance to get visibility of the social conversation.

Steemit is not about oppression, its about freedom and we, the customers (users, authors and readers) will win because the success of steem is dependent on the use and this is at least a democratic consense. And they know that their time has come :) The German-European election was disrupted by some YouTubers and now politicians are on hate and censorship mode, but they will have no chance.

Steem will moon when the customer is king. Like Jeff Bezos said in 1999.

"In the long run there will never be any misalignment between customer interest and share holder interest. The only thing Amazon is about is obsessive focus on customers expirience. Internet-shminternet."

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Hey @exyle, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

I think a lot of us are never going to get anywhere if we have to rely on our followers. I am not saying anything bad about my followers, I just don't have a ton of legitimate ones. People are pretty busy doing their own things these days, it is rare to find someone to follow you.

You keep on going creating new content good job. 😊 Now even you create content about creating content but it's good content. 😉

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I go back relatively far with Steemit. I think August of 2016, with no understanding of cryptocurrency or blockchain. There was a definite accepted understanding the long form posts were the ones that earned the most rewards. I adhered to that [...and still do], but more so because I’ve found that writing backstories to my shoots are therapeutic for me. Longer form blogs do tend to cause me to engage more I think, but over the last year especially, I’ve understood the multifaceted applications of STEEM, beyond just Steemit. I used to see single image posts with no context as side-stepping time intensive content, but with dApps like Appics, platforms like @steemmonsters and @dtube, it’s all just different doors to the same house and they can all be consumed and rewards respectively. It was a little hard for me to break the old school Steemian mentality, though, I admit.

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