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RE: I leased 50,000 SP for 3,165 STEEM for 6 months.

in #exyle10 months ago

This is something you have to do manually.

I just discovered this a couple of days ago when I found a lease that had expired about 10 days ago. Oops! 😁


Oops indeed! The person you leased to go lucky with an extra 10 days for free. Glad you got it fixed!

It was only 400 so not too much of a deal. I'm just glad I saw it when I did. Although, even if I hadn't, your post would have alerted me today! 😁

Actually, that's only true if you didn't get a memo from minnowbooster which tells you that your lease has been renewed. If you got the memo that your lease was renewed, you'll continue getting the payments, otherwise, keep an eye on your active leases and when they expire and get ready to cancel the expired lease (should be in the expired leases column).

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