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The travel industry will not cease growing as there is always a great need to move from one place to another for one purpose or the other.

Tourism in different countries is a major contributor to the global traveling industry as these tourists are always on the move from one place to another.

People travel to get away from their environment, go on vacation, chill out on holidays and most times to get peace of mind Whichever reason it is, accommodation is very important, whether long term or short term, depending on the plan of visiting, as it plays a very vital role in any travel.

The major problems in the hospitality sector which have limited the traveling industry are;

The high cost of accommodation booking

This arises as a result of many intermediaries in the booking channel. These middlemen end up making the booking of accommodation to be very expensive, time-consuming, and in numerous cases, disappointing. This is not an experience anyone would like to have, thereby making the entire industry seem inefficient.

Centralization of the available rental platforms

This issue of centralization which entrusts the governance of the system into the hands of a selected few has really eaten into the fabrics of different systems, leaving other users at the mercy of these central authorities. For the rental system, the few rental platforms are fully centralized at its core, thereby limiting the marketing of properties for owners and making it increasingly difficult for travelers to find suitable accommodation.

They also impose high fees on the use of their systems, which makes the listing of properties by landlords and the sourcing of accommodation to be very expensive.

The limited adoption of cryptocurrencies

This is also another issue which is limiting the travel industry and making its services unproductive, as many travelers who own different digital assets are unable to make payments using these currencies, when booking accommodation in the different rental platforms, due to to the fact that this digital currency is not globally recognized.

Luckily, an efficient platform has been developed by some genius minds in the travel industry to curb the aforementioned challenges and make the accommodation listing and renting, to be easy and cheap for users.



Ezystayz platform is a fully decentralized rental system, seeking to improve the traveling industry through digitalization by adopting the recent innovative technologies.


It operates with the Blockchain technology to restructure this system and make it more advanced with the help of the smart contract and full decentralization.

By adopting the Blockchain technology that is integrated with a running state of the art vacation rental system, this great platform ensures the efficiency and transparency of every operation carried out, as it records them on the unalterable Blockchain and makes it viewable for the users.

Ezystayz solves all the problems confronting the rental system in the following ways;

Ezystayz is already a fully operational rental platform, which lets users list, explore, make bookings and even rent their accommodation of choice anywhere in the world, without any form of restriction, through its listing website.

By being a fully decentralized system, Ezystayz eliminates the centralization seen in other rental platforms, therefore directing its efforts towards the marketing of the system, to make it easier to list on the system and seamless for travelers to get exactly what they are looking for, at a low rate.

Its charge for using the services of the system is unbelievably low, which is a total contrast to other systems out there.

It facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies in making payments on the system, creating an avenue for travelers and landlords to carry out any transaction seamlessly on the system, even without fiat, all thanks to its EZY token.

This will surely lead to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

EzyStayz is designed to help users access over a million accommodations globally and with its easy to use the platform, every user can easily find their ways around the system, even the new ones.


With the EZY token, Ezystayz will bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiats by letting the users make payments with this token.

It is the recognized and accepted currency of the EzyStayz platform which is created as an ERC-20 token, on the Ethereum Blockchain.





EzyStayz rental platform is greatly revolutionizing the traveling industry through the use of improved technologies. It takes away every limitation seen in the current rental platforms and tokenizes the entire process ranging from payment for accommodations as well as any other transaction. Ezystayz digitalized holiday rentals to be cheap, easy and makes the entire traveling to be a fun-filled experience.

For More Information, please visit the link below:
Website: https://io.ezystayz.com
Telegram: https://t.me/EzyStayzofficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvQOHa-9pwh_PEEsgjsFWQ/featured
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ezystayzofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ezystayz2014
Medium: https://medium.com/@ezystayz
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/ezystayz
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ezystayz/

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