How to Improve F1 (More Night Races)

in #f13 months ago

These are my favourite tracks i would turn into a night race for F1:

The country that hosted some games of Euro 2020 and makes money in Oil, Baku has a good city with a day race but a full night race would make the racing at Azerbaijan much spectacular. Moving it from a 1.00pm BST to a 5.00pm BST start would benefits fans who attend on site as they would love to see a full night race.

With the most fans attending their Grand Prix, Mexico has the capability of hosting Grand Prix's but a night race will boost the economy and increase fan attendances. That means moving the start time from 7.00pm BST to 2.00am BST

High Speeds, and Ferrari fans, it could increase with a night race. That means moving the start time from 2.00pm BST to 8.00pm BST.

One track that deserves a night race is Suzuka, it hosts the Suzuka 8 hours every year but adding lights can increase fans and Tv Audiences, that means moving the start time from 5.00am BST to 12.00pm BST.