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After much research and consultations, we at FABA came to a conclusion and publicly state that the electro-mobiles is not the future of road transportation. To support our claim, We have had regular meetings with nuclear physics scientists and experts at Vuje for months and their superior expert arguments and calculations has proven that electro-mobiles is not the future as popular opinion suggest.
To be more practical, one does not have to be a scientist to be able to calculate how many cars are in the world and to imagine how much energy sustaining resources (gas, deiseal, fuel, etc.) would have to be generated in order to cover such a large number of cars and other means of transportation. FABA believes in hydrogen technology and hydrogen-powered cars. The abundance of water as the source of hydrogen makes it the most abundant, clean and safe resource for powering all forms of transportation engines. In addition to its availability, hydrogen-powered cars produce steam instead of carbon monoxide which is responsible for over 70% of global air pollution.

Faba Partners Vuje a.s.
In light to the above, Faba is proud to announce its support to Vuje. Vuje is an industry leader in the field of nuclear power, nuclear services, support, operation transmission and distribution systems, with over 40 years of industry experience. They deliver complex projects in the form of turnkey deliveries from initial documentation to final testing. The company is a respected and recognized authority with many international success stories. By supporting Vuje, we believe that we are making hydrogen cars more available to the world, so as to reduce global air pollution and ensure better living for mankind.
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