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Faba Ltd is a community-owned VC Fund startup based on the blockchain. As a tokenized (STO) Venture Capital, investors and holders of the Faba tokens will have the opportunity to decide what project or enterprise Faba Ltd can invest into for collective gains.

Faba is interested in projects and teams that are focused on education, blockchain technology, biotech, fin-tech, food-tech, and the environment. Faba Limited is only keen to support projects and Start-ups that support good environment impact on society and people. With our years of global experience in VC and entrepreneurship, we open to accepting applications from any viable project or business irrespective of where they are located as long as they can prove that they have what it takes!

Although Faba started its STO campaign in the month of June 2018, it hopes to run a two-phased STO campaign. The first phase of our security offering is scheduled to end on the 31sth of January 2019, while the second phase of the security offering will start on the 1st of March 2019. Unlike traditional VC firms, Faba has made it possible for an average person residing anywhere in the world to take share from the big pile available to equity and VC investors only.

As part of our effort to get everyone involved and also spread the word about Faba, we have launched a 2M USD bounty for our crypto community and we invite everyone to come to be a part of we are building at Faba Limited.


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Great project. Hope it does well in the crypto-currency ecosystem

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Very interesting this project in terms of the environment that is very threatened by environmental pollution.

Thanks jntillero for the kind words!