I needed to learn this, thank you so much!

Just don't delete facebook, i would say fuck facebook.This piece of shit is wasting our time,energy and our relationship.Every one just leave facebook and join steemit.Thanks for the post.

Is there a way to spoil the data collected? Inputting in wrong information to the point that advertisers would be spending money for useless information.

Thank you for posting this information. It is very important people understand just how easy it is for these 3rd party apps to gather information about you by logging on to them through Facebook. It is always better to make separate accounts for each app or service used.

pretty much ready to delete it as a whole lately, Unfortunately most the people I communicate online still use it as a messenger service and I get more through there then through emails or text. Its bothersome, as I really hate logging into to that site, and have for a very long time.

Some way to mitigate;

  • Get the Badger, the Privacy Badger.
  • Never install the facebook app on any device
  • Don't use Facebook at all, and delete your account and (supposedly) all of your personal data

Resteemed. Thanks for the instructions. After removing unnecessary permissions for the first five or so apps I got sketched out and just deleted them all from my account. In light of the recent news, random apps that want to know my relationship status, work history, and political views are just too much.

Even if the apps use the data responsibly, all it takes is one data breach and all your information is out in the wild permanently.