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I did it. I quit Facebook. I just got fed up on the amount of spying being done by the app and finally got bored of seeing the same videos and posts over and over.

So I sent a note to my 130 friends saying that I was not going to be online due to to FBs spying policies.

Do you know how many cared? ☝️ONE.

I would also like to mention that this person was not one of my 6 family members on FB either.

People on FB don't care about you. The notion of it being a community is a farce.

So I realized at that moment how fake Facebook has become. I got angry at the amount of hours I wasted since 2007. Hours that I could have accomplished much more and I can't get back.

Facebook has tried everything to get me back including fake notifications, not real friend requests and non-stop emails.

Fortunately, I have not fallen for their tricks. I don't miss it at all. And as for those people that I used to know? GET LOST!



Their loss is our gain... Well done you...

Yes. Unfortunately, the hours that I wasted on the platform I cannot get back. I can only go forward with the extra time that I have now.

I am still there but I am happy to hear that You got tired of it.

Eleven years is too long.

Yeah that is a long time.

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