Shaming Observation: The $5 Offer? Pt.1

in #facebook3 years ago


I was on a Facebook trading forum the other day, and saw this post about a mum selling a pre-owned toy she had.

She was asking for $25 for this toy and the post specified that she was happy to take offers. What got my attention was the comment section of this post.

The first reply to the post was from the mum herself pointing out this other mum who had sent her a message offering her $5 for this product, and she was furious about this.

She tagged the mum who made the $5 offer and went on a rant about how she was happy to negotiate but $5 was a ridiculous offer, and how this toy if brand new would cost $60. It looked like she made sure that the name of the other mum was mentioned and tagged to publicly shame her.

At first I thought $5 was a bit of a low offer if she was asking for $25 and got a $5 offer, but then I saw the reply comments from the mum who made $5 offer herself which made me changed my mind.

To be continued…



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