Shaming Observation: The $5 Offer? Pt.2

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The tone from the reply from the mum who had made the $5 offer was really apologetic.

It turns out that when she messaged for the offer she typed "Would you take $5 ?", but what she meant was "Would you take $5 off?". It was a typo on her part, missing that one word "off" changed the whole meaning of the message.

The mum who made the offer apologised and went on to explained that her baby was crying at the time so she was distracted and had to finish typing that message fast as she rushed to attend to her kid.

So from looking at this reply, I assume that the mum who received the offer never even replied back to confirm or check if the $5 offer was a mistake? She just started to blast this poor other mum, who was probably sleep deprived at the time.

Yes, offer $5 for a product which has an asking price of $25 does seem a bit low of an offer, but it turned out to just be a mistake.

My feeling is that at least she should have messaged back to reject or confirm if the offer was genuine, before putting the other mum on blast. Because now that we know the full story of the $5 offer, it made the mum who made the shaming post looks like a mean person.

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