Snopes & AP Suddenly Quit As Facebook Fact-Checkers

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The list of those turning away from Facebook is growing.

Two fact checkers, Snopes and AP, decided not to renew their partnership with the social media giant. The last year saw a great deal of bad publicity about the way the company operates.

The basic message from these entities is that Facebook does not care about facts and are only doing it to keep up appearances. This goes against the core of what these institutions fact checking stands for.

Thus far, none of the negative headlines affected the company's performance. This week, Facebook announced their results and they beat both the top and bottom line. In other words, in spite of the rhetoric, business is just fine for them.

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This looks like rats abandoning a sinking ship to me. While financial performance is highly gamable by politically driven QE style stock purchases, the actual market is abandoning Fakebook, per the (anecdotal) information I am aware of. Not only 'fact checkers' (propagandists) are leaving the site in droves, but the general public.

The disconnect between public use of Fakebook and it's financial performance is highly indicative of politically driven covert support by ((rich)) investors with an agenda.


Snopes are not fact checkers...

everyone i talk to i try to convince to leave facebook and i think im at a ten percent success rate
one day soon im hoping spybook is in the pages of history and completely obsolete
cheers everyone keep up the good articles ura soul
i dont comment on all but read most of your blogs

Facebook will never get the message until people pull away from their services..

Fedbook already understands the message you speak of. They will never change behavior until people pull away from their services.

If there are no consequences there will be no change in behaviour.

Facebook and Twitter are still perceived as the only real players in the social media space. People haven't woken up to alternatives like GAB and Steemit, and other legacy competitors like Google + are shutting down. Facebook, in particular, is viewed as the main long-form posting platform.

For the "fact" checkers to be moving on from Facebook is a big deal. Personally, I don't think they're leaving to protect their reputations. I think the opposite is true: they were asked to leave because people were getting tired of their obvious bias, and Facebook's stock is in the toilet as a result.

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