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Gaming of all sort has been with us with many more being invented by the day. Many involve in the gaming activities for different reasons little wonder the gaming world is gaining more popularity and plenty of revenues totalling into millions of dollars have been raked in by the gaming industry and stake holders.
Of more popularity and interest is the Online gambling platforms as they can be easily accessed on smart phones, as such the online gaming platforms are constantly and consistently improving day by day to provide good quality experience to their users of different age and time.

As already aware, Most of the today's gambling platforms are centralized and with little or no level of transparency and security which decreases the trust level and increase in loss of funds of the users. It is on this premises that Faireum platform, a Gaming and Gambling ecosystem backed by blockchain technology was created to take away the anomalies experienced in the centralized platforms and hence improves the trust level, transparency and security on the gaming platform.

The Faireum platform is a public gaming and gambling platform built based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The idea behind the creation of this platform is to create a decentralized blockchain technology based social betting platform which will provide a safe, fair, transparent, secured and cost effective gambling and betting services to its users. The introduction of the blockchain technology on the Faireum platform brings about a high level of transparency, trusted and fair operations in the platform which further strengthen the relationship between the game players/gamblers and the platform. Users of the Faireum platform enjoy the fair gameplay with their competitors. Skilled and loyal players and user of the platform are fairly rewarded for their dedicated play at all times. Worthy of note is that all forms of operations carried out on the platform are executed through smart contracts, which completely eliminates any fraudulent activities frolam the platfrm.

The FAIREUM ecosystem has got some striking and exciting features and services that makes them stands out amongst all other gambling and gaming platform. Amongst the features and services being rendered by the Faireum platform are mentioned below:

• Smart device focused services : The Faireum platform is built in such a way that the ecosystem has a user-friendly interface and also built an app based devices in such a way that the users of the platform can play games and gamble effortlessly on their smartphones and tablets rather than using their various PC. It is worthy of note that Loyal game players and gamblers get rewarded on daily and weekly basis.

• Transparency and security : Blockchain based technology is built on the foundation of great, high Transparency and security which makes them more efficient and secure to use and successful. Little wonder did FAIREUM platform employs the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts for every of its operations on the platform.

• Fair gameplay: Fair game play is the crux of every single game out there in the gambling business. It is on this premises that FAIREUM platform Implements the use of Cryptographic hash functions to securely ensure fair play. With the use of this Cryptographic has, Every data is converted into hash strings which are further verified by algorithms. In the case of any error, interference or unusual activity, the generated hash stands the chance of not being verified as such any unusual outcomes or occurrence will be identified easily and on time using the hash functions which further ensures complete and secured fair gameplay. With the use of this hash function, Every game player and gambler is opportune to check their results on the platform with complete transparency. The BetForm's PRNG system is said to be tested and certified by reputable game testing laboratory in the world.

• Regulation and compliance: On the FAIREUM ecosystem, all operations will operate under strict regulations of licence jurisdiction.

• Safe and Responsible Gameplay,: TheFAIREUM platform has made provision for a self-exclusion policy which is said to be the best future for players. If the player feels uncomfortable in gambling at any point, then such player can request for exclusion which closes the gameplay and returns all the funds to the users account in due course.


Token Name: Faireum
Token Symbol: FAIRC
Total Supply: 1,200,000,000 FAIRC
Sales Supply: 600,000,000 FAIRC
Token Exchange: $0.05 USD = 1 FAIRC
Soft Cap: $2.5M
Hard Cap: $25M
Sales During: 2 months



For More Information:

Website: https://www.faireum.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.faireum.io/assets/files/Faireum_whitepaper2.0_En.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faireumofficialpage

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/faireumofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/faireumofficial

Medium: https://www.medium.com/@faireumofficial

Github: https://www.github.com/Faireum

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/faireumofficial

Bountyox username: Joygalz