Fairytale Story Part (1) Three guards

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Three guards bideshijapani04-medium.jpgSource

In an excellent morning, a kid watched out of the devout religious community outside the window. She said in her brain, "Goodness, what sort of wish to escape this delightful day without taking a nuts!"

In the wake of imploring, he immediately rectified day by day errands, at that point one hurried to the antiquated holy place, asked amenably to the abbot, "Would i be able to go to pick nuts today?"

The priest stated, "No, no, you won't go out. Imagine a scenario where the diminishing living in the mountain will get you. "

The priest kid asked for a great deal of kaku. He said delicately to his isolation and stated, "Okay, on the off chance that you need to go alone, leave. In any case, take these three bits of paper together. These spiritualists If you confront any issue, approach them for help. "

The priest kid went out with extraordinary bliss. In the wake of achieving the inclines of the mountains on a slope, they meandered and returned, and after that one time far from the religious community. Feeling energetically started to think, "Today I have not gathered nuts!"

All of a sudden, when he went to his ear, somebody would state, "Child, you are from the religious cloister, don't you?" She saw an old lady remaining before her. The old lady said to her, "There are numerous great nuts in my garden. I pick myself enormous and sprightly nuts will gleam for you in the fire and heat up the little ones. "

The kid was captivated by his juggling voice. The old lady took her home and made the guarantee made sustenance.

When she was eating, the old woman said to her, "You have a great deal of rest. Rests here during the evening. Return to the math tomorrow morning. "The little priest kid lying on the layer of turn and wound up oblivious.

All of a sudden his rest broke in midnight. Watching out the window and seeing the rain. Again she nodded off. While lying in bed, he believed that the rain molecule needed to call him,

"Edge jimh, edge jim

Open your eyes, see

lThis old man isn't

Witch One "

He peeped from the floor of the coat and saw the old lady staying there. What is the old lady staying here?

All of a sudden he heard the old woman saying, "How lovely I am, my horns are enormous and needles!"

The kid began considering, "I comprehend, this is the rugged witch," it will eat me, and must escape before first light. The startled kid was lying like a quiet shake. Early in the day, he stated, "Burima, do I wash my face?" bideshijapani03-medium.jpgSource

The old lady replied, "No, no, out of the cool chilly, you can not wash your face, stay where you are."

l"Yet, that must be obvious to me," the kid said to him.

"You are harming me, you're in a bad position! Well how about we go, however on a condition. I'll tie this rope on your midsection. "

By saying this, the old woman began rubbing the rope on her midriff and started to deal with the ropes in her own hands. The kid said to the priest out of the room, "Rapidly, I should deal with my obligation." So he took out one of the pockets from his pocket as quickly as time permits. Quickly the abdomen was opened.

At the point when the old woman woke up, "Where are you?" Answer: "around then, the kid priest was coming up short on the breeze with the back of the back quietly. In the interim, Dainikburi is holding up in the house and the house says, "Don't you wash your face? Hustle just a bit. "

Furthermore, from the outside the enchantment paper answers, "It's been a while, and hold up somewhat more."

The old lady is pausing. Not long subsequent to being fretful he again stated, "To what extent will it take? Come rapidly. "

In answer, the mystical paper stated, "Hold up somewhat more."

In the wake of pausing, the worn out Diana at long last commenced the entryway and stated, "What? Winged creatures have fled! Deceived me All right, I'm coming, I'll get you now. "

At the speed of the tempest, the witch has relatively destroyed the young man, while in the meantime he took out his second protected papers. The enchanted paper stated, "In the mountains of high sand."

Before long there was a sound, and the witch went upstairs to a pile of high mountain. From that point we began tumbling down and shouting, standing - I am coming ... you will eat alive! "

The priest kid is running. At that point when he saw it in the cloister's religious community, he tossed it on the third of his security and stated, "Turn into a gigantic stream."

Without the finish of the word, jhapang japangi a water perusing the words were found. Diana Buri is suffocated in the enormous stream. As much as he endeavors to swim in it, the influx of waves will drive him back.

The kid has just achieved their burial ground. Seeing the abbot, he shouted so anyone can hear, "Ruler, spare me. The hillress meandered behind me. "

The priest stated, "Please inside the almirah."

The kid, who is entering the carbad, is by and by there. He said in an administration, "Where is, where is the kid who is the person in question? Today I will eat it morning by him. "

"Gracioups, those young men? He got out toward the beginning of the day to pick nuts. In any case, he has not returned yet. "The priest said obligingly.

"lie! You're talking dahmitha. Let me know, where is he? "

The priest stated, "I revealed to you that he didn't come here." He said once more, "Here, the sentiment of my rice was scorched." hhfhrsrth-300x200.jpgSource

"Hume on the back of the rice!" The ravenous artist delicate her tremendous nose, "I want to eat on the back of the rice, child, give me one."

"You will get whatever you need to eat, however before that you should test your enchantment. What is the assention? "

The tongue of the venomous bolt is bolted. He said that he consented to what he was requested to do. The priest stated, "Good,

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