Fake Accounts Use to Intercept Your Fund

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Please Beware when Transferring your fund to Anyone

Make sure you check your Spelling First.
I have just found out these Accounts Designing to intercepting your Funds








@binances Created by
https://steemit.com/@jdcrunchman related to @swapman belong to @noganoo

I am into crack down of this sort of activities. Please Report in this Post!

@steem Please Remove your delegation to these Accounts


nice. . .very well spoted

the names of these accounts are really dangerous, many people who have been deceived and send funds to some accounts that resemble the accounts of the needs of the steemians, thanks for the very useful information for us @bullionstackers

Always double check!
I think my keyboard gets paid to miss spail by some on1

  • spell * someone

Thanks for pointing that out; I do see it now.

[email protected], thanks for doing the work to check and share with us. Sometimes auto spell can create mistakes and if we are not careful, we pay for it. I noticed that when i am using my mobile, the keypad is small and likely to key wrongly. Wordings are small as well.
Thanks for info.

it's cool , I give you my vote if you want to give me your upvote, thank you in advance...

15 SP , that is cool...

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you have given more. 😂😂

I think there is also randomwhale

thanks for the information that is very useful for me personally, I really waiting for other information other than you @bullionstackers.
success is always for @bullionstackers

things like this is very dangerous ..
this fake account is intentionally made to trap steemians ..
this is so bad.. @bullionstackers

been going on from the begining and nothing gets done about it unless its an account close to a whales account.
We even have people pretending to be famous people and making fat money, use to be you had to provide proof that you were who you said, now its as if no one cares.

Steemit life.

There are No More Votes coming from the #whales , Everyone is too selfish these days.
People are sell their Votes away for $$$ thru Delegation.
No One Cares or bother to Read.
All have going into Automation
We need to Boycott Automation
Cease buying Up Votes from Bid Bots.
These will stop Everything!

I agree but feel powerless at this point.
Pay to play voting is horrible and it sure doesnt give content creators incentive to spend any time on posting.
You got my support bro.

You are right, but stopping it will be very difficult, take into account that hardly anyone makes money with these bid bots and yet more people use them every day.

Wait, when did you ever post a picture or vouch for who you are on here?

You went at length to defend spamming gay porn and making threats of continuing to spam gay porn: "Don't attack me and I will have no reason to defend myself with gay porn.".

You're a pathetic copy paste parody on top of that bro.


Coming into someone post , leave Irrelevant CONTENT , can consider very RUDE!
Please stay in TOPIC!

I replied Directly to the fake ass user, in a topic about fake ass accounts, about his fake ass concern with his sorry ass history, warning anyone that there's a fake ass patheticAF troll Pretender here, because it doesn't bode well seeing Fake ass people pretend that they care about community when they spammed and threatened the people with gay porn and then laughed at it when confronted.

The name say it all @skeptic
I have no problem with gay, In-fact, I known @skeptic long time ago.
Yet, he haven't Troll in my page.
If you want to debate with him invite in your post and Bash in your post but not mine!

Flag me or tell me to fuck off, but don't expect me to listen to someone that said "I don't have any problem" when made aware of "gay porn spam". What the fuck do you want to do with this post if not warn people of Fake ass people? If you want to defend his behavior because "you know him long time" be my guest, but this isn't bashing any more than your post is bashing, and I have no reason to debate with fake ass people, only idiots debate with idiots.

dabogda sve potrosio na drogu i lijeklove


Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos!

Reward for my voters! You received a reward for your witnesses vote!! Claim here: ???


nagutaj se tableta i droge majmune

so you think you are Tough?

Great detective work once again. I can see how those spelling errors can be missed. Crazy.

Thank you for the information. we must be more vigilant

thank you for the information @bullionstackers, I will always follow you. if there is no @bullionstacker I will ever go forward, I am proud of you .

Terimakasih atas infonya sir

you may want to include @minnowboosted

he hasn't tried actively pretending to be @minnowbooster, but he's still using that account for shenanigans...

P.S.: wow... for some reason the handle isn't getting auto-hyperlinked... interesting

Postingan yang menarik

Ini bukan postingan yang menarik!
Orang curi curi...

Can you report these accounts...

Of Course, one can...
The more people know , we will put a shut down to them.

Thanks @bullionstackers
Another Great Detective Work.
We can count on your great work.

he has doing really great works finding them out.
that need a good amount of search toxfind it.

Omg that is tricky!!!

Oh my God!
many fake accounts in steemit, make me confused.
thanks @bullionstackers for the information

Yes, there are a lot.

A shame we can not just block them out. It is already so hard to get and keep steem on your account. Resteemed.

There is a button call "Mute" , if you can't see them , you won't reply them.

but they are still there :-) I do that but it feels like bury your head in the sand like an ostrich or have they not got that saying in English ? :-)

Sometimes it is better to Muted them.
Fear you may click on their Phishing links and lose your Account.

without hesitation thats truth...

Thank You for the useful information for us

Nice info @bullionstackers ,thank for sharing

Nice information ! I resteemed this post. Thank you.

The name of the account is very dangerous, account name like this can trap the steemian during the delivery process, because its name closely resembles the name of the destination account. @bullionstackers

Terima kasih atas informasinya @bullionstackers
Semoga teman-teman kita yang lain tidak tertipu oleh akun palsu tersebut.

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Re-steemed, good to know and share, thank you.

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Very good information post

luar biasa informasi nya, tak pernah terlintas dalam pikiran saya,
thank you very much @bullionstackers

Thank you @bulionstackers for the vote on my homepage

Thanks for this carefullness.We all should be carefull.