Someone turned 97 today!

in #family4 years ago

Apparently, when my daughter took my mom out today for her birthday, a sales associate gave her a birthday kiss!

My mom turned 97 today!


Here is a picture of her and my sister (7 years ago, when my mom turned 90). We lost my sister later that year. But we all miss her, especially on occasions like this day. Give your sister, mom, children, family, friends, and people that are dear to you, a hug or a call, or tell them how much you care about them.


You can never give enough love to others!


Happy Birthday to you Mom, how sweet of the salesperson to love on her like that.

Thank you! We take her to a "girls" dinner later today! My daughter, cousins, etc.

We'll take some pics!

Yes, the salesperson was so sweet! :)) Never too old for a little kiss!