Dinner Out; Simple Reward for Hardwork

in #family3 years ago


It's been a while since our family dinned out together. Mom isn't home yet but we have our Aunt who is looking after us in absence of Mom. She is helping me in dealing with household chores for a month now. And I am really grateful for it. We do general cleaning together and in return of our hardwork, Dad treat us a dinner. He brought us to a Restaurant nearby. It was my first time to dined there. This is located along the highway in the City of Dasmariñas. I believe it has a lot of branches, you can look for one near your area.


The place was quiet but I like the vibes and the atmosphere. It was not crowded that night. The ambience is good too and very relaxing. It is very neat and the staffs are accomodating.

Their menu was printed on a 1/8 illustration board sized. It can cover the face of the person in front of you while looking for a food that would please your taste. They are serving common foods and it feels at home. Even if the foods are not that specials, it taste delicious. The servings are good for 4-6 persons. It wasn't that pricey too unlike the other restaurants along the area. It doesn't took them too long to prepare their foods so customers won't get pissed to wait for their orders.


It was only five of us who eat together that night but our table was so full. We enjoyed their food and my kid loves their fried chicken. It is very tasty. I loved their Crispy Kangkong, it reminds me of Mom. She used to prepare that when she's around. I miss Mom so much and I can't wait for her to go back home from her vacation.


It was truly a night very well spent with my Family. All thanks to God for blessing us with food to eat and a lovely family to eat with. Thanks Dad for the treat!


Photos are all mine taken using my Huawei G7-L02 phone.